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Compare over 50s car insurance illustration

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Over 50s car insurance

Young drivers are some of the highest-risk drivers on the road, but older drivers – and especially those over 50 – sit on the other end of the scale. Thanks in part to their sensible approach to driving and their superior experience, those over 50 years of age tend to pay less on car insurance than other road users.

On this page, we’ll explain everything you need to know before getting your own quote for over 50s car insurance.

How much is insurance for over 50s?

Drivers over 50 are less likely to cause a claim than younger drivers, and less risk usually means lower premiums. That’s why car insurance for over 50s tends to cheaper than that of other age groups.

How is insurance for over 50s calculated?

Like insurance for other age groups, car insurance for over 50s is calculated by factors such as your no claims bonus, the car you drive and the miles you’ll do in it – as well as the place you live and your current occupation. Health conditions will also play a role in what you’re quoted.

What do you need for an over 50s insurance quote?

To get a quote for over 50s car insurance, you’ll need the same details as you would for any other insurance policy. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need:

  • Your name, age and address
  • The details of your car, from the registration number to the age and model
  • The amount of mileage you do every year
  • Your occupation, if still employed
  • The duration of your no-claims bonus (NCB)
  • Any details of your driving history such as convictions
  • Any pre-existing health conditions that’ll affect your driving

Do you need a health check?

Insurance for over 50s doesn’t require a health-check, but it’s important to let your insurer and the DVLA know about any pre-existing conditions or new health issues that could affect your driving. Notifying them may mean your premiums go up, but not telling them and causing an accident could result in a fine of up to £1000 – and even prosecution.


Our expert says:

“Motorists over 50 are one of the safest groups of drivers on UK roads, and they’re rewarded with cheaper premiums. However, it’s still worth comparing multiple quotes – and there are ways of driving costs down even further.” Curtis Moldrich - Automotive Journalist


Is it worth getting specialist car insurance for over 50s?

Over 50s tend to benefit from cheaper premiums from major insurance providers, but it can be worth going with specialist car insurance providers. Policies bespoke to over 50s can include useful benefits and add-ons such as a guaranteed courtesy car and a ‘get you home service’ in the event of an accident. Lost keys cover can also be particularly useful.

How can I reduce my over 50s car insurance?

Voluntary excess

It’s possible to cut costs by upping your voluntary excess and agreeing to pay more before the insurance company pays the rest. However, while it may seem like a great idea to hike your voluntary excess up, remember that you may have to pay it one day – so make it affordable

Telematics or black box

Designed to record data such as speed and acceleration, a telematics / black box policy essentially records your inputs and shows if you really are a safe driver. Premiums could go down if you’re willing to have your driving monitored

Increase the security

Make sure your car uses a modern immobilizer or tracking device. Securing your car in a garage overnight may also help push your premiums down

Reduce the miles

Reducing your mileage will reduce costs, as the fewer miles you drive the less insurers will view your car as at risk. Black box policies can easily measure how many miles you do and will be able to reward you for sticking to your limits

Compare and get cashback

By comparing car insurance policies here at Quidco Compare, you could save money and earn £35 cashback.

Over 50s car insurance FAQs

When does insurance go up again?

Insurance for older, more experienced drivers tends to be cheaper – mainly due to good health paired with increased driving experience. Reach the ages of 70-80 however, and you’ll find the risk of accidents rises as health and age becomes more of an issue. And with more risk comes higher premiums.

Why could someone over 50 pay more for car insurance?

If your life situation changes and you have a longer commute – or perhaps own multiple properties – it’s possible your mileage will go up. The more mileage, the longer your car is on the road – and the greater the risk of accidents. All of the above means higher premiums, despite being older and more experienced.

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