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young drivers insurance illustration

Compare over 140 providers to get a cheap young driver car insurance quote

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Compare the prices from the car insurance providers you can trust, including Admiral, Aviva and Hastings Direct.

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Once you’ve purchased your policy, simply wait for your cashback to roll in. It can take 8-10 weeks for the transaction to appear in your activity, and up to 120 days for payment.

Why use Quidco?

There are other comparison sites on the market, but with us, you'll great quote on your car insurance - and you'll earn cashback too! Our customers love our service.

What details do I need to get a young drivers insurance quote?

Details of your vehicle

We'll need to know the make, model and registration number (it's ok if you don't have the latter) for your new vehicle.

Your Details

We'll need your personal details (name, address, etc), as well as the details of your driving licence.

Previous Accidents

To help insurers judge the level of your risk, we will need details of any past accidents.

Additional Drivers

If you're going to have additional drivers using your vehicle on your policy, you will need to provide their details.

No Claims Discount

To benefit from previous years of safe driving, we'll need the details of your no claims bonus. Any new insurer will want proof of your NCD.

Previous Claims

To quote you, we'll need the details of any previous motor insurance claims.

What levels of car insurance are available for young drivers?

Third Party Only

Third Party, also known as Third Party Only (TPO), is the lowest level of available motor insurance cover that meets legal requirements for driving. It is also the cheapest available option. For some young drivers, given the expense of their premiums and available funds, this may be a choice they need to consider.

However, bear in mind that it only covers the other driver & vehicle, or pedestrian, in case of an accident. Any damage to your own vehicle is not covered.

Third party, fire and theft

This level of cover is one step up from TPO. Again, it covers the other party in case of an accident, but not any repairs to the insured, if a collision should occur.

In addition, it covers the insured vehicle, but only in cases where the car is stolen or set on fire.

Fully Comprehensive

Often referred to as "fully comp", this level of cover ensures that the insured vehicle is covered for any claims by third parties for accident or injury, but, crucially, for any damage to the insured vehicle itself.

Comprehensive cover, like many insurance policies, is subject to an excess, or an initial amount, usually several hundred pounds, to be covered first by the policy holder, from their own pocket.

How can young drivers save on their car insurance?


If you want to save money on your car insurance as a young driver, then you're in the right place. You need to compare the major providers to get the cheapest deals.

Get Cashback

Using a cashback like Quidco will allow you to earn money back on your insurance, which could be a considerable amount, as a young driver.

Check Each Year

Don't just let your insurance renew each year, as some insurers may increase your premium. Instead, shop around each year to ensure you're getting the best deals.

Consider a Black Box

A black box, also known as 'telematics' is a device that can be fitted to your vehicle to ensure it is being driven safely and responsibly. If you're a younger driver, some insurance providers are willing to offer lower premiums in exchange for monitoring your driving.

Pay Annually (If Possible)

If at all possible, paying in full each year will save on your insurance premium. This is because paying in monthly instalments involve taking out a credit agreement, and paying interest, which will hike your premium overall.


Our Expert Says

Young drivers can face a real battle to get a good deal on their motor insurance. That's why it's vital to compare quotes for the best possible deal, and get cashback if you can.

Curtis Moldrich, Automotive Journalist


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Young Driver Insurance FAQs

Why is young driver insurance so expensive?

Young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents than drivers in other age groups. Driver under 25 make up 5% of all drivers, but they account for 18% of people seriously injured in collisions on the road.

What is a black box and how does it work?

A black box is a monitoring device that observers how carefully and safely a motor vehicle is being driven. It can take the form of an actual box, a plug-in device, or an app to be downloaded onto your smartphone.

It uses GPS to measure your speed, braking, mileage, and the time of day you use the vehicle (more accidents tend to happen at night). It passes this information to your insurer, allowing them to use it to calculate the level risk and price your insurance accordingly.

At what age will my motor insurance get cheaper?

Higher risk drivers are typically under 25, but this does not mean your insurance will suddenly go down after this age.

The best thing you can do is buy a vehicle in a low insurance group and build up your No Claims Bonus, and therefore the number of years of safe driving, to demonstrate to insurers that you are a low risk.

Is there anything additional I can do to lower my premiums?

You can add a security device to your vehicle, and mention this when getting a quote, as it can lower your risk. You could also get a dashcam fitted as some insurers will reward drivers who choose to do this with lower premiums.