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Due to rising energy costs, there are limited deals right now

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Why use Compare to get a dual fuel quote?

With us, not only can you save as much on your gas and electric tariffs as you can with other comparison sites, but you’ll earn cashback as well. Make money while you save money – that sounds like a winner.

What does 'dual fuel' mean

We know the term ‘dual fuel’ can be confusing, but it needn’t be. Dual fuel does not mean some fancy kind of energy. It simply means buying your gas and electric from the same energy provider. 

The benefits of doing this can be two-fold. Firstly, many energy companies give their cheapest gas and electricity deals to customers who buy both services from them. Secondly, by using only one energy supplier, you typically get just one bill. This can make it easier to manage your account and keep track of your energy costs. 

Some people also think that with a cheap dual fuel deal, they’ll get a different kind of service. They won’t. All energy suppliers use the same pipe and cables to deliver gas and electric.

Apart from the convenience of getting only one bill and perhaps a lower price, there’s no difference in buying gas and electric from one supplier or separately from two. 

Want to look at gas and electric from separate suppliers? Check out our gas comparison and electricity comparison pages.

What details do I need to get a cheap dual fuel quote?

Who are your current gas and electric providers?

You can see this on your bills, or just check your last bank statement.

What are the names of your current tariffs?

For example, they might be Standard Variable Tariff, or Economy 7. 

How would you like to pay for your gas and electric?

Pay by direct debit, cheque, card, etc.

How much gas and electric do you use per month or year?

Tell us in pounds & pence or in kWh. (Applies to gas and electric).

When do your current tariffs expire?

The date your plans lapse or renew.

How do I get cheap dual fuel?

The best way to lower your energy bills is to be a ‘switcher’. The millions who stay loyal to the same gas and electric providers are probably paying too much – maybe hundreds of pounds per year. This is wrong. There are a lot of great deals out there, but many people just don’t take advantage of them. The market rewards those who shop around. Switching providers can slash your bills. 

Start comparing energy prices with Quidco Compare. We’ll show you the best quotes for the cheapest dual fuel deals. On top of that, we’ll give you cashback as well. 

Change providers, lower your tariffs, get money in your bank.

How do I switch dual fuel suppliers?

This couldn’t be simpler. It’s basically all done for you. 

As soon as you choose your new dual fuel provider, they take care of the nitty gritty. They let your current gas and electric suppliers know you’re saying goodbye and between them they agree a date to make the changeover of both services.

After that, you’ll receive all the paperwork by email or post. This will confirm your new tariffs and payment details. Just check they’re correct. Then you’ll have a 14-day cooling off period, so if you change your mind, it’s not a problem. 

On changeover day, just take meter readings of both gas and electric for your old suppliers and they’ll send you a final bill. Usually, the whole process takes less than three weeks.  


Is dual fuel cheaper?

It can be. Many energy suppliers offer discounts to customers who buy both gas and electric from the same company. The discount affects the amount you pay per unit of gas and electric consumed. These tariffs are typically lower than a customer will receive if they buy their energy supplies from different providers. But it isn’t always so.

Depending on where you’re located and when you apply, it may be possible to secure the best energy deals by buying gas and electric from two suppliers. The only way to know is to compare energy prices for dual fuel and separate provider plans. Compare can help you here. Use our energy comparison features to discover the cheapest gas and electric and find out if dual fuel works for you.

Why would I switch to dual fuel?

If switching to just one energy provider will get you the cheapest gas and electric, why wouldn’t you? Plus, you get the convenience of only having to manage one account. That can save you time if you have a problem, or you want to query your bill. Why call two customer hotlines when you can call one?

Of course, dual fuel does not work for everyone. If energy comparisons show you that you are better off with separate gas and electric providers, then fine, that’s the way to go. Also, many people live in newer flats and houses where there is no gas supply. For them, dual fuel is not an option.

Are there hidden costs with dual fuel?

No. Dual fuel is the same as any other energy supply, it just comes from one source. Your agreed dual fuel tariff will show you what you will pay per unit of gas and electric, plus any account fees or charges. The industry watchdog, OFGEM, demands total transparency on utility bills. Energy suppliers must reveal all the costs you may incur upfront.

Who is my gas and electric supplier?

You can see the names of your gas and electric suppliers on the bills you receive. If you do not have those to hand, just check your bank statement. If you are a tenant and the landlord deals with your energy supplier, ask them for the names of the companies that provide gas and electric to your home.

How long is it before I get my cashback?

After you’ve taken out a dual fuel tariff, your cashback will be tracked within 72 hours. Within four months, it will be confirmed with your provider and available for withdrawal. You can check the progress of your cashback at any time in your Activity.