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student contents insurance
student contents insurance

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Why compare student contents insurance here?

By comparing insurance quotes with Quidco, you can find a plan that works for you and receive up to £20 in cashback while you compare.

We’re here to help you find a great insurance policy for your valuables whilst in university accommodation. You can learn all you need to know on this page.

Do I need student contents insurance?

Student contents insurance isn’t compulsory, but it can make good financial sense to take out a policy during the time you’re studying at university. 

Student accommodation can provide rich pickings for thieves, with many students owning a variety of valuable items such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Having student contents insurance in place will ensure you don’t have to cover the cost of replacing your belongings yourself if they were lost, stolen, or damaged. 

What does student insurance cover?

Student insurance works in much the same way as standard contents insurance and will protect your belongings within your university accommodation against fire, theft, and flood. Student insurance policies vary in terms of what they cover, but will typically include books, clothes, jewellery, furniture, and some electrical items.

For high-value items such as bikes, gadgets, and musical instruments, you will often need to take out additional cover. 

What does student insurance not cover?

It’s important to read the small print of your student insurance policy carefully, but you’ll usually find it contains the following exclusions:

  • Theft with no sign of forced entry
  • Cover during term holidays
  • Items over a certain value that you haven’t specified
  • Break-ins where you don’t have an approved lock on your door

How can I get cheap student insurance?

Compare and get cashback

A quick and easy way to find the best student insurance policy is to shop around and compare quotes – you could also earn up to £28 cashback. 

Pay annually

If you’re able to, paying for your student insurance in one go each year will be cheaper than paying in monthly instalments. 

Increase your excess

The excess is the amount you’ll need to pay towards the cost of any claim you make, and you’ll usually be able to adjust this when you compare insurance quotes. By increasing your excess, you’ll bring down the cost of your premiums. However, it’s crucial that your excess is still affordable – after all, if you make a claim, you’ll have to pay it. 

Only pay for the cover you need

If you have the option of adding extra cover to your policy, make sure you only pay for what you really need. 

Increase security

Having the correct locks on doors and windows to reduce the chance of a break-in could also help to lower your premiums. 

What extra cover can I add?

When applying for student insurance you’ll usually have the option to bolt on additional cover for an extra fee. Typical add-ons include:

  • Accidental damage cover: providing cover in the event you accidentally smash your TV screen, for example
  • Personal possessions cover: protecting items taken outside your accommodation, such as mobile phones and jewellery. Most policies also include cover when you go abroad
  • Gadget cover: covering items such as your mobile phone, laptop, and tablet if they are not included as standard
  • Musical instrument cover: covering any musical instruments that are not included as standard 
  • Bike cover: protecting your bike in the event it is stolen or damaged
  • Key cover: covering locksmith costs if you lose your room or house keys
  • Tuition fee cover: covering the cost of your rent and tuition if you have to leave your course due to an accident or illness


Do I need student contents insurance if I live in a hall of residence?

Some university accommodation will arrange contents insurance for you, while others won’t. If you are offered cover, it’s important to check exactly what is included and whether you need to take out additional insurance to ensure your belongings are fully protected – for example, you might need personal possessions cover to protect any items you take out and about with you. 

Will I be covered by my parents’ home insurance?

This will depend on the type of insurance policy your parents have, so you’ll need to check their policy terms and conditions. Some insurance policies will cover your belongings while you’re away at university, others will offer cover as an optional extra, and some won’t provide cover at all. 

If you are able to get cover through your parents’ insurance make sure you check for any exclusions. Some policies will only provide cover if your belongings are locked away in your own room, for example. 

Will high-value items be covered by student insurance?

Most student insurance policies will include what’s known as a single item limit. This is simply the maximum amount an insurer will pay out for any one item. Typically this is around £1,000 to £1,500 but you’ll need to check your policy to be sure. Any items worth more than this must be named separately on your policy. 

When should I buy student contents insurance?

It’s best to buy cover before term starts so that you’re covered as soon as the academic year begins. 

Do I need buildings insurance as a student?

No, you won’t usually need buildings insurance as this will be the responsibility of whoever owns the building – whether that’s the university or landlord. 

Will student insurance cover my mobile phone and laptop?

This will depend on the policy. Some student insurance policies may include mobile phones and/or laptops as standard providing they are not worth more than the single item limit, but you won’t usually be covered if you take those items outside your accommodation unless you also have personal possessions over.

In many cases you’ll be required to add gadget insurance to your policy if you want to fully protect your mobile phone and laptop. 

What is new-for-old cover?

New-for-old cover will replace any items that are stolen or damaged with brand-new items of equivalent value. Alternatively, you can take out indemnity cover – or wear and tear cover – which will be cheaper, but this only covers you for the current value of your possessions. 

How do I work out how much cover I need?

The easiest way to accurately estimate how much your belongings are worth is to add up the value of all the items you have in your room, including clothes, gadgets and course books. 

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