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caravan insurance
caravan insurance

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Why compare caravan insurance with Quidco?

Not only will you receive quotes from excellent and trusted insurers, but you can also receive £3 cashback. Comparing at Quidco helps you make an informed decision based on your situation so that your policy provides the benefits needed. You’ll make savings from comparing insurers, which can be supplemented with cashback. 

What is caravan insurance?

Who doesn’t love a holiday home on wheels? There are an estimated 550,000 touring caravans in the UK, making caravanning a widely popular choice for a holiday. Cover your caravan and its contents from damage or loss with caravan insurance, whether it's a touring caravan, static caravan, or a motorhome.

What are the types of caravan insurance policies?

Depending on whether the caravan is static or touring, where it is parked overnight, and what sort of locks it has, each caravan will need a different level of protection. Not all caravan insurance policies will offer the same level of protection, so make sure you have all the necessary cover when committing to a policy for your caravan.

Touring caravan insurance

The most popular type of cover is touring caravan insurance, which protects your caravan when it is on the road and in a caravan park. Whilst this insurance is not a legal requirement, many people choose to have it to avoid expensive payouts for repairs or replacements following an accident, storm damage, or theft.

Static caravan insurance

Also known as mobile homes, static caravans tend to spend the majority of their life within a caravan park. Static caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement, however it can be useful to have if you leave your caravan for extended periods of time.

Static caravans are more vulnerable to break-ins and theft, so getting insurance for the contents provides extra peace of mind when you’re not there.

Trailer tent insurance

A trailer tent does exactly what it says on the tin, a type of caravan that expands into a tent from a trailer; it is a popular and cheaper option for holidaymakers. While having extra insurance is not required for trailer tents by law, if your car insurance policy covers towing, most people believe it is well worth it for the peace of mind it offers. 

Depending on the age of your driving license, you might be required to take an additional test to be legally viable to tow. 

Motorhome insurance

Unlike static or touring caravan insurance, insuring your motorhome is a legal requirement as it has its own engine. At most, you need to have third-party insurance on your motorhome to comply with UK laws and regulations.  

A comprehensive policy, much like car insurance, should include protection from the following: traffic accidents, repairing damage to your motorhome or other vehicles, and third party, fire and theft. Your motorhome should be covered by insurance whether it's parked or on the road. 

Do I need caravan insurance?

Since a caravan (like most vehicles) is driven on the road, it is a good idea to have caravan insurance. It is, however, not a legal requirement to have a specific insurance policy in place for your caravan unless it is a motorhome. 

Should you be in an accident where damage is caused to a third-party vehicle, you could be liable to pay any legal fees if you don’t have insurance in place. Most car insurance policies won’t give you extra cover for a caravan in a standard policy, so it’s better to be prepared. 

Trailers and caravans are involved in about 11 accidents every day, so drivers are advised to tow safely. Touring caravans can easily be stolen as opposed to static caravans, so having extra protection gives you that peace of mind should anything unfortunate happen.

What protection does it offer?

Each insurer will have different policies for caravan insurance, it is therefore important you know what your policy covers before agreeing to anything.

What’s included

Depending on your insurer and the policy, caravan insurance might cover:

  • Theft: This cover is in place if your caravan is stolen when it's detached from a car.
  • Stolen contents: If your caravan is broken into and/or its contents are stolen or damaged, this allows you to claim against the value of your personal items.
  • Accidental damage either external or internal: This protects you if your caravan is damaged due to an accident or natural disaster.
  • Third-party liability cover: If a member of the public gets injured or the caravan damages someone's property, this cover protects you from any unwanted legal fees. 

What’s not included

Caravan insurance might not cover:

  • Lack of security: If your caravan suffers damage or theft due to no wheel clamps or windows being left open.
  • Everyday wear and tear: Insurers won’t protect your caravan for damage caused by everyday wear and tear.
  • Mildew: A form of fungus that if left untreated can cause health risks.
  • Approved location: If your caravan suffers damage or theft in a location that wasn't approved by your insurer.
  • Vermin infestation: Damage is caused to the caravan by insect or vermin infestation.

Extra cover

  • European cover: This provides cover for your caravan when travelling in the EU.
  • Breakdown Assistant: This is useful if your caravan, such as a motorhome, has an engine.
  • No Claim Discount protection: This can protect your no claims discount history if you end up having to claim for an accident that wasn’t your fault.

How much does caravan insurance cost?

In 2021, the average cost of static caravan insurance for a touring caravan worth about £9,000 would be about £150 annually. In 2021, the average annual cost of static caravan insurance would be £300 for a caravan worth around £45,000.

How can I get cheap caravan insurance?

Additional security features on your caravan, such as wheel locks, safe and agreed-upon parking places, and good locks on the windows and doors, can help to keep insurance premiums down.

What do I need to get caravan insurance?

There are a few checklists you need to determine before you take out a policy against your caravan or static caravan in the UK. 

  • The type of policy cover you want; whether it’s touring, static, trailer tent or motorhome.
  • Any add-ons you might need.
  • Details about your caravan.
  • Details about you

What factors affect your insurance quote?


Whether your caravan has secure locks on windows and doors, and wheel locks etc.


Where your caravan is parked may affect the price of premiums, i.e. if there is a higher crime rate in the area.

Vehicle details

The age, model and manufacturer of the vehicle.


The main purpose for owning the caravan and how you use it.

Number of years of driving

This is an important factor for touring caravan owners.

Claims history

Only claims related to the caravan.


The value of the contents in your caravan (if applicable).

How do I make a claim?

Should you need to make a claim, most insurance providers will have a helpline and a specific procedure in place - contact information will be available on the insurer’s website, and your policy documents. Typically, they require the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Address and postcode
  • Circumstances of the claim
  • Contact phone number
  • Your policy number

Compare cheap caravan insurance and get cashback on top

By comparing different policies and insurance companies, Quidco can provide cheap caravan insurance quotes with cashback on top*. Simply work out the type of cover you need for your caravan, then use the comparison tool to get instant quotes and find the ideal static caravan insurance. 

Caravan Insurance FAQs

What is caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance protects your touring or static caravan from any damage or loss caused by an accident, theft or natural disaster. The type of cover you need will depend on the type of caravan you have.  

Do I need caravan insurance?

Whilst caravan insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, it is important to consider it for added peace of mind, as caravans are a big investment and around 4,000 caravans are stolen every year. Additionally, if anything were to happen you would have to cover the cost of repair or replacement out of your own pocket. 

If you are towing a trailer or caravan, depending on the age of your license, you may need to take an additional test. If you own a motorhome, it is a legal requirement to have third party cover as a minimum.

What caravan insurance do I need?

If you tow your caravan, you’ll need touring caravan insurance If the caravan stays in a caravan park the majority of the time, then it is classed as static. As well as this, motorhomes require third party insurance as a minimum as they are classed as a vehicle. 

What caravan insurance do I need?

If you tow your caravan, you’ll need touring caravan insurance If the caravan stays in a caravan park the majority of the time, then it is classed as static. As well as this, motorhomes require third party insurance as a minimum as they are classed as a vehicle. 

What caravan insurance is the best?

A number of insurers will provide different levels of cover for your caravan. Some have specialist policies for over 50s, so it’s important to look around before committing to a policy. 

How much is caravan insurance?

Annual caravan insurance isn’t costly, but there are a few factors that can make premiums cheaper, including the amount of years you have been driving the caravan. It is important to check with your insurer the type of cover you need and any additional extras before committing to a policy. 

Do I need to pass a test to tow a caravan?

Anyone earning a Class B driving licence after 1997 is required to pass an additional test in order to operate any tow vehicle combination in excess of 3500kg. 

Is it covered within your home insurance policy?

The contents of a caravan could be covered by your home insurance as part of the contents policy, but only if you have the right cover. Many home insurance policies do not cover the caravan itself unless you purchase an expensive add-on for your caravan.

What if my caravan is overseas?

If you plan to travel abroad with your touring caravan, you can add European towing cover. Insurers will provide policies for touring caravans in most popular European countries, including France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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