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What is a trike?

Definitions of trikes can vary, but generally it is considered to be a three-wheeled vehicle. Though a rare sight on UK roads, trikes are popular among bikers because of the added safety and stability they offer over standard motorcycles.

There are two types of trike: 

  • Delta: Two wheels at the back and one at the front
  • Tadpole: One wheel at the back and two at the front

Is it a bike, trike or a car?

Many trikes are built using engines or chassis from cars, and many 3-wheeled cars use motorcycle components, which can cause some confusion when it comes to buying motorbike or car insurance.   

In general, if the vehicle has a closed chassis and a steering wheel, it is considered a car and will require specialist car insurance (similar to a kit car policy). If it has an open chassis and handlebars, it is considered a trike and would need trike insurance.

Levels of cover for trikes

Third-party only

This is the most basic level of cover, and the bare minimum required by law. All three policy types have this. If you cause a road accident and someone else is injured or their car is damaged, it’s not fair for them to have to pay out. This is where third-party cover comes into play, which covers:

  • damage to other vehicles
  • injury to other people and animals
  • damage to property

Third party, fire and theft

A third-party, fire and theft policy has all the benefits of a third-party policy, but with a couple of extras. As the name suggests, the policy offers extra protection for your car if it’s stolen or catches fire. This kind of policy may also cover you for damage that happens as the result of an attempted theft.


This level of cover gives you all the benefits of third-party, fire and theft, but with a few added extras. A comprehensive policy covers damage to your own car, even if an accident is proved to be your fault. Some insurers may also include a courtesy car with comprehensive policies, but not all of them do. 

People assume comprehensive cover is more expensive due to the benefits that are included, this isn’t always true. Higher-risk drivers tend to go for third-party policies as a means of lowering their costs. As a result, the cost of third-party policies go up. Although many people refer to comprehensive insurance as “fully comp”, it may not cover absolutely everything, check with insurers to see what they can include.

Optional add-ons to policies

Just like car insurance, motorcycle and trike policies can come with a range of benefits and optional extras. These can include:

  • Breakdown cover: Similarly to car insurance, motorbike breakdown cover policies can cover you both nationally and abroad. Many insurers now offer breakdown assistance as an optional extra on their policies.
  • Legal expenses cover: Also known as uninsured loss recovery, legal cover can help pay your legal costs following a claim made against you.
  • Pillion cover: Most motorcycle insurance companies will not cover passengers as standard. If you plan on carrying a passenger on your trike, make sure your policy contains pillion cover.
  • Leathers & helmet cover: Many motorbike policies now give you the option of purchasing additional cover for your riding gear, such as leathers, pads and helmets. They can help pay for repairs or replacement if these items are damaged or lost.

How to get trike insurance

You’ll probably need specialist insurance for a trike, but you might be able to get cover with a motorbike insurance policy from some providers, particularly if you have a standard production model from a recognised manufacturer. To get insurance for your trike, here are a few things your insurer will need to know:

  • Vehicle details: make and model, the vehicle’s value, its engine size and whether it’s a delta or tadpole construction.
  • Your information and riding history: Your name, address, licence type and how long you’ve had it.
  • Custom build: If so, you’ll also need to send off photos or receipts so your insurer can understand exactly what cover you need.
  • Cover extras: You can get cover for accident and breakdown recovery, European cover, legal expenses and more.

Trike insurance FAQS

Is my three-wheeler a car or a motorbike?

If the vehicle has a closed chassis and a steering wheel, it is considered a car and will require specialist car insurance. If it has an open chassis and handlebars, it is considered a trike and would need trike insurance.

Who can drive a three-wheeler?

You can drive/ride a motor tricycle of any power rating if you're over 21 and you have a full car driving licence. If this is not the case you'll need a full category A1 motorbike licence to ride motor tricycles up to a power output of 15 Kilowatts (kW), and a full category A motorbike licence to ride trikes with a power output more than 15 kW.

How can I get cheap trike insurance?

Compare quotes at Quidco and you can receive cashback. Shop around to find out which insurers can provide the best deal for you. You can also avoid modifying your trike and make sure it’s stored in a safe location to bring prices down.

How much is trike insurance?

At Quidco you can  compare a range of Insurers and their products to get a wide choice of quotes available to suit your requirements.

Can I carry passengers with trike insurance?

You will be asked if you require pillion use as part of the quotation by the insurer and this can be included provided you have the right licence entitlement.

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