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Compare bird insurance

Take a look at bird insurance quotes for your feathered friend. You could pay from just £3.01 per month* and get up to £20 cashback.

bird insurance
bird insurance

Compare up to 15 providers to get a low-cost bird insurance quote

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Spend some time entering your details and the details of your bird. You’ll get access to a variety of quotes so that you can find the one for you. 


Compare the UK’s most reputable policies and prices to find the right pet insurance plan for you.

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Why compare bird insurance policies with us?

To ensure you get the best possible policy, the recommendations consist of the UK’s most reputable and highly-rated companies on the pet insurance market. We do this to make your decision easier - you’re choosing from the cream of the crop. Plus, not only will you make savings simply by comparing quotes, we’ll also give you up to £20 cashback. 

What do I need to get a cheap quote?

Details of your bird

To produce an accurate quote, we’ll ask for details such as the age of your bird, what particular breed your bird is, and the price you originally paid for ownership. The information you provide will be factored into the cost of your insurance, so it’s in your best interest to make sure it's accurate.

Your bird’s medical history

We will also need to know about your bird’s medical history. We’ll need details regarding previous health conditions your bird may have had, past surgical procedures, vaccination details and any information pertaining to historical vet visits. This information is vital in producing an accurate insurance quote. 

What types of bird insurance are there?


With lifetime coverage, you will receive protection against costs relating to either an illness or an injury. The coverage will provide up to a certain monetary amount each year. A popular ‘pay as you go’ option for lifetime insurance holders is to renew year on year to receive full lifetime coverage for as long as you need. 

Maximum benefit

Maximum benefit policies provide you with a maximum sum of money that covers you in the event your bird has an accident or falls ill. You should note that once this maximum sum has been paid out, you won’t receive the same sum again. 


Accident-only plans are helpful in providing cover for a (hopefully) one-off accident. You will receive a fixed sum which can then be put toward your brave bird’s treatment or recovery. 


With a time-limited insurance policy, you’ll receive a fixed sum that covers you from the commencement of an illness or injury for as long as you may need (this will be discussed with your insurer).

What does bird insurance cover?

The coverage you receive depends on how much you intend to pay. Most insurers will provide standard cover for death, theft, and straying. Of course, there will be any number of additional areas of coverage you will need from your insurer. 

If you’re looking for exotic bird insurance, for example, then you may want extra coverage against theft than what standard packages can offer. Because you don’t need to worry about the quality of the insurers provided (we aim to show only the best), you can focus on the exact kinds of coverage you need. Here are some examples.

Vet bills

The costs associated with nursing your birdie back to health are increasingly steep and there are so few ways that you can prevent your bird getting sick or having an accident. Protection against vet bills are possibly the most important factor in taking out pet insurance and the peace of mind you get is priceless compared to the cost of a surprise visit to the vet. 

Death by injury or illness

Losing your bird is like losing your best friend. If your feathered friend sadly passes away by injury or illness, you will be covered against costs relating to both. If he or she passes away at a particularly old age then you might find that you’re not covered (some policies may vary on this). 

Cover against weather perils

If your bird has an injury or becomes ill due to exposure to extreme weather, your insurer will be able to provide you with a sum to cover costs relating to exposure to extreme weather. Perhaps extreme wind has damaged your aviary enclosure or birdhouse, or your bird has been injured in a hailstorm - you would receive cover for both scenarios.

Loss and theft

In the event that your bird goes astray or is stolen, a ‘loss and theft’ policy will provide compensation for both.

Third-party cover

If your bird injures someone or damages their property, then a third-party ‘liability’ policy will provide you with a sum to make reparations to the third-party in question.  

How do I keep my insurance costs affordable?

Compare and get cashback

The recommendations are made up of only the best pet insurance providers. All you have to do is compare these insurers to find a plan that works for you. Take into consideration things like your location, the lifestyle of your bird, its health and age, as well as other factors like how exotic your bird’s breed is and its potential theft risks. 

All these factors are built into the cost of your policy. Remember that you’ll save money by comparing (which we then supplement with up to £20 cashback).

Provide accurate details for your quote

As we said earlier, it helps to be accurate when providing information for your quote. If you fail to provide sufficient information then you could end up paying for coverage that you perhaps do not need. It pays to be accurate.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle for your bird

You should provide a healthy diet for your bird because it’s a great way to preempt any vet visits further down the line (of course by doing this you’ll also protect yourself from vet bills). You can’t always help if your bird falls ill or has an accident, but keeping it healthy will go a long way. 

Know a bit about the potential health risks

As an added note to the above, you should have an understanding of the health risks common to your bird. Birds are often far more susceptible to picking up illnesses and infections than, say, cats or dogs, so having the foresight with regard to illnesses could help reduce costs in the long-run. 

Think about multi-bird insurance

If there is more than one feathered friend in your coop, we recommend you take out multi-bird insurance. Not only will you get your birds insured in one fell swoop (no pun intended), you can also receive a discount from your insurer. 


How much does bird insurance cost?

It depends on a whole variety of factors, from the specific breed of your bird to its health and age. You should think about what you want to be covered and how much you ideally want to pay. A rough estimate of a (small) bird insurance policy is around £3.01 a month.*

Is there pet insurance for birds?

You’ll find that most reputable insurers have a dedicated bird insurance service that exists separately from a general pet insurance service. You will also find that many insurers provide specific birds of prey insurance as well as parrot insurance, for example. The market has expanded in recent times to meet the varying needs and requirements of different bird owners.

What bird insurance do I need?

Again, it depends very much on the coverage you need and how much you want to pay. The first and most important stage is to simply compare. Think about it, and shop around. 

Which birds are included?

From parrots of all shades and sizes to birds both big and small (including birds of prey), you can find bird insurance for whichever type or breed you have. The exotic pets insurance market speaks to the specific needs of rare bird owners such as parrots (e.g, risk of theft) while small bird owners are able to find insurance plans that can help with the many perils small birds face. 

Do I need bird insurance?

Vet bills are more often than not very costly, so you don’t want to be caught out. By being able to compare plans, you have the power and the ball is firmly in your court. Use the information provided and do your own research to find a policy that speaks to your situation. You can do it as affordably as you like. 

You have no control over the elements, and neither do our birds for that matter. We recommend that you do take out bird insurance but do it on your terms.

Useful information

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*This policy provides annual cover including the cost of vet fees up to £2,500.