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Horse insurance
Horse insurance

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Why compare horse insurance policies at Quidco?

Not only will you receive quotes from the best and most trusted insurers, we can give you cashback on top. We help you make an informed decision based on your situation so that your policy provides the benefits needed. With us, you’ll make savings from comparing insurers which can be supplemented with cashback. 

What do I need to get a cheap quote?

Details of your horse

We’ll need your horse’s age, the breed, and how much you initially paid for your horse (if applicable). Perhaps most importantly, we’ll need details of the kinds of activities you will be participating in. 

Potential activities range from the least intensive (keeping a ‘horse at grass’ or breeding) to those of a much more competitive nature (advanced eventing, polo, dressage and competitive riding). All this will factor into the price of your insurance quote.

Your horse’s medical history

Medical history is another important factor for equine insurance and it directly influences the cost of your policy. We’ll need details of any previous health conditions your horse may have had, including past vaccinations and any surgical procedures.

Leave nothing to chance by providing a full medical history. Accuracy is important to find a policy that works for you. 

What types of horse insurance are there?


Taking out lifetime coverage means you’ll be covered against costs relating to an illness or injury for the full lifetime of your horse. You’ll be covered against costs up to a certain amount each year.

Helpfully, in the unfortunate event that your mare or stallion suffers an ongoing or recurring illness, you can renew your policy year on year to get the coverage you need for as long as you need it. 

Maximum benefit

With a maximum benefit policy, you’ll be covered against all accidents and illnesses and will receive a maximum sum of money if your horse has an accident or becomes ill.

We’ll go into greater detail on the illnesses your horse may be susceptible to, but remember that once the maximum sum has been paid out most insurers won’t provide the same sum again. 


If your horse is sometimes skittish or even a little clumsy, you might want to consider an accident-only plan. You’ll receive a fixed sum in the event that your beloved pet has an accident which you can put towards the treatment or recovery. 


A time-limited policy covers your horse for a specific time period which may commence from the beginning of an illness or injury. This is helpful because you’ll be covered for as long as you need with a fixed sum. 

What does horse insurance cover?

You’ll find that most trusted insurers will provide basic cover for ‘death, theft and straying’, three unfortunate parameters that will be covered on every horse insurance policy regardless of the amount you pay. 

However there are some additional things that you might want coverage for. Think about your needs and your current situation. Do you need specific horse rider insurance? Maybe your horse is strictly ‘at grass’ and will not compete. The coverage you receive depends largely on what you need and how much you intend to pay.

Vet bills

With any horse insurance policy, you will want coverage against costly vet bills. If your trusty nag experiences illness or injury, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re protected against the cost of treatments and recovery.

Saddlery and tack insurance

Most insurance plans will have a policy that pays towards the cost of repairing or replacing damaged/lost saddlery and tack. These kinds of equipment are often very costly.

Permanent loss of use

If by accident, illness, injury or disease your horse is rendered unable to participate in one of the activities you had in mind (i.e competitive sports), then you can receive coverage according to the sum insured.

You will find that many insurers provide specific loss of use coverage relating to external causes - for example, your horse crashes through an obstacle during training. 

Loss and theft

In the case of loss and/or theft, most reputable insurers will cover you for both. 

Death by injury or illness

Losing a horse is absolutely heartbreaking. If you’re unfortunate enough to lose yours by injury or illness, most trusted insurers will cover you. That said, if your horse passes away from old age then you might find you’re ineligible for coverage.

Third-party cover

As we mentioned earlier, if your horse is a little skittish then you should perhaps factor this into your coverage. Third-party cover, for example, is a must-have. You’ll be covered if he or she injures somebody or damages their property. You receive the amount necessary to make sufficient reparations to the third-party.

How do I keep my insurance costs down?

Compare and get cashback

This is the first thing you can do to significantly cut costs. Shop around and take a long hard look at what our insurers can offer you. Compare policies to get the one that applies most to you. You’ll get cashback, too! You’ll get quotes from only the best horse insurance policies at Quidco Compare so you’re spoilt for choice. 

Make sure you’re insured for the right activities

When it comes to horse insurance, most companies refer to a ‘tiered’ selection of activities that help you decide the type of coverage you need. If, for example, your horse occasionally takes part in low-competition, low-risk local shows then you don’t need to be insured for the more high-risk activities like regular competitive eventing.

Keep in mind the activities your horse will be taking part in and make a decision based on that. It will save you significant amounts of money.

Check if your saddle and tack are already insured

Saddlery and tack equipment can be quite costly so they often come with some form of insurance or warranty included. If this is the case with you, then you can reduce costs by deselecting saddle and tack coverage from your search. 

Keep your horse healthy and active

Maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle for your horse can help reduce your premiums and prevent any unforeseen vet visits. Of course this is often out of your control but a healthy lifestyle is the best preventative measure to incurring vets fees.

Has the value of your horse significantly decreased?

As your horse gets older, its value will drop. You should keep your insurer updated with the age of your horse as it will influence the cost of your policy and could help reduce it. 

Consider multi-horse insurance for a discount

Multi-horse cover is one of the most popular requirements for equestrian insurance because many companies offer a discount. If you’re pushed for time and have done as much research as you can, finding a multi-horse policy ensures that you’re fully covered for each and every mare or stallion you own. 

Do you still need loss of use cover?

As an added note, if your horse has reached a certain age where it’s less active and perhaps no longer participating in events then you might consider removing loss of use from your policy. Generally speaking, loss of use cover is vital if your horse is active and is still participating in events.


Do I need cover if I’ve taken a horse on loan?

This will vary depending on the agreement between you (the loanee) and the owner of the horse. Take a look at the written agreement between both parties. If your horse is already insured, then you should find out what you’re actually covered against. 

Discuss with the owner what would happen if your horse requires treatment or becomes ill or injured. Talking these things through in advance will minimise added stress at the time of illness or injury. Your discussions may also help you decide whether or not you need additional coverage (e.g the owner’s coverage does not sufficiently protect you).

Do I need horse insurance?

Buying a horse is a significant investment. So is buying a dog or another household pet, and yet buying a horse seems even more of a significant purchase. Surgical treatment on a horse is often very costly, and you don’t want to be caught out. 

As veterinary fees continue to rise, think about whether or not you could afford even a couple of vet visits within a certain period of time. Think about the issues that are likely to crop up and factor them into your decision.

How old/young does my horse need to be?

You will find that most reputable insurers can cover foals from the age of 31 days, and that you are unlikely to receive coverage for illnesses or injuries in horses over the age of 20.

Will I be covered if other people ride my horse?

Most horse insurance policies will cover whoever was currently riding the horse at the moment in question (if you’re looking for pony insurance, the same applies). This doesn’t have to be the policy holder, and as long as whoever is riding the horse has permission from the policy holder then they too will be covered.

This may sometimes vary from insurer to insurer, so if you expect there to be multiple riders then you should double check. 

What is not covered by horse insurance?

You’ll find that certain things are covered by some insurers that are not by others.  

  • Routine treatments. As with most pet insurance policies, your horse will generally not be covered against routine treatments like vaccinations, pest problems or dental treatments. 
  • Grooming treatments. This includes grooming treatments too, like cleaning. 
  • Pre-existing conditions. There may be some policies that cover you against pre-existing conditions but most providers will not.

How much does horse insurance cost?

It very much depends on the coverage you need. Generally, the cost to cover death, straying, vets fees and theft is expected to cost you a minimum of £25 per month. However, your costs will vary depending on things like location and the nature of your horse’s activity. It is then not unusual for people to pay over £50 per month for their horse insurance. 

Do I need third-party cover for riding on the road?

There is currently no legal requirement for you to have third-party coverage to ride on the road. That said, we recommend that you do have third-party cover because some of the most common claims for third-party liability are car accidents. These can of course be fatal, so you should think about whether you need third-party coverage or not. 

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