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over 65s travel insurance
over 65s travel insurance

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What is over 65s travel insurance?

Travelling is a perfect way to spend retirement, and what's more important than to do it safely so you can return to your loved ones and the comfort of your home, unharmed. Getting the right policy is imperative for older travellers, as there are a few more risks to take into consideration. 

As you get older, insurance prices tend to increase and whilst some insurers will have a time limit on a single trip, over 65s insurance policies tend to be more flexible. 60% of mature travellers book holidays independently, so getting the right insurance policy is crucial. 

Most insurers will require a medical screening before putting together a policy for over 65s, this can be done over the phone in some situations, or you can get a medical screening from your doctor.

What it covers


If you misplace valuables and find yourself in a state of stress, this will cover you if your belongings are lost, damaged or stolen while you are abroad.

Medical treatment

This covers you should you fall ill or get injured during your trip and need to claim for medical expenses. It’s also worth noting that if you require medication for any pre-existing medical conditions, then you need to declare this with your insurance provider. 

Holiday disruptions

Holidays don’t always go to plan and it’s important to be prepared should you end up with someone else’s suitcase at baggage claim. In case anything goes wrong with your travel or accommodation this will cover any expenses to fix the disruptions. 

Cancellation, curtailment and repatriation

If you need to cut your trip short or cancel it before you set off, this cover will protect you up to a certain amount of the price you paid. It is important to check with your insurance provider what counts as a genuine reason to cancel and the time in which you have to make the claim. If you need to return to the UK due to injury or illness, this covers the cost of transport and other other fees.

Optional extras

Personal liability

This is important to have in case you find yourself or your belongings at risk by fault of someone else. 

Legal protection cover

This cover protects financially should you be responsible for any injury to a third party. 

End supplier failure

In the chance that the tour guide, airline, or hotel goes out of business - this cover is designed to protect you if one of these businesses shuts down and you lose money.

100 day upgrade

If you’re 70 and under, you can extend a 50-day trip duration limit to 100 days on a single trip policy.

Gadget cover

This cover is available for an unlimited number of gadgets for up to £1,000, including mobile phones, cameras and personal computers for things like: accidental loss or theft, accidental or malicious damage, liquid damage, unauthorised call, text or data usage.

Golf cover

Available when playing non-professional golf, this covers your golf equipment, emergency equipment hire, non-refundable golfing fees and hole-in-one cover. 

Cruise plus cover

A popular holiday among older travellers, cruise travel insurance covers you for things like missed ports and cabin confinement, but it’s important to check you have cruise cover with your insurance provider. 

What’s not covered with over 65s travel insurance

Although travel insurance policies have specific requirements to older age groups, there are still certain exclusions to be mindful of when filing a claim. Travel insurance claims for over 65s could be rejected if you do any of the following:

Do not declare pre-existing medical conditions

If you’re over 65, insurers won’t assume you have a list of medical conditions, therefore it is important that you declare every condition that applies to you to make sure you’re covered for all possibilities, especially as medical costs can vary hugely between countries and continents.

Do not declare any planned activities

Being over 65 doesn’t mean you can do less when you’re on holiday, but you’ll only be covered for potential injuries or lost belongings that occur if you’ve declared the activities beforehand. 

Do not declare all your belongings

You may need to declare all the items you plan to take on holiday, these are usually more expensive or delicate items like cameras and gadgets. If you don’t declare something, it’s unlikely your insurer will pay out for a claim

Use alcohol or drugs

Insurers can also refuse a claim if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs during an event or accident that you are trying to claim for.

Get involved in reckless behaviour

You might not be covered for injuries or lost and damaged items if it happens as a result of reckless behaviour –  be sure to talk to your policy provider to find out more. 

Before committing to a policy, you should check with your insurer to see a full list of exclusions.

Benefits of over 65s travel insurance

Medical cover

One of the main benefits of over 65s travel insurance, is the added medical benefits. These include cover for any medical treatment costs that might occur in an emergency whilst you’re away. In addition to treatment costs, you can get cover for medicine that you need access to and any equipment that needs replacing such as walking aids and wheelchairs. 

Waiting for an operation or important consultation can sometimes be a long and tedious procedure, and if you were to book a holiday you might want to consider getting extra cover if you need to return for any treatment you’ve been waiting for.

Companion cover

Another benefit is that some insurance providers allow you to take a companion with you on the same insurance policy, they will benefit from all the same benefits as yourself and it usually works out cheaper than taking out two separate travel insurance policies. 

Age limit cover

Basic travel insurance policies often have a maximum age limit, whereas over 65 policies are designed specifically for older travellers. 

Disadvantages of over 65s travel insurance

Increased cost

One of the biggest ailments of taking out an insurance policy for a traveller over the age of 65, is the difference in cost. Premiums tend to increase the older you get - so it’s important to shop around to find the best quote for over 65s travel insurance policies. 

How can I get cheap over 65s travel insurance?

Shop around

By comparing insurance quotes with Quidco, you can save money and find cheap over 65s travel insurance policies that suit your travel requirements and get up to *£33 cashback, too.


If you buy a single-trip policy then your insurance premium is likely to be a lot lower, you’ll pay more for longer holidays. However, if you’re a frequent traveller it might work out cheaper to look into multi-trip policies.

Only get cover you need

Most insurance providers let you remove some cover options if you do not need them, like lost or stolen baggage protection - these will reduce the price as a result.

Do I need to get over 65s travel insurance?

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to get over 65s travel insurance, it is important to have in place if you are travelling to a country that you are unfamiliar to or you are susceptible to falling ill. 

Can I get over 65s travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition?

Travelling with a pre-existing medical condition can sometimes come with an added layer of anxiety, luckily, as long as you declare it with your insurance provider before committing to a policy then you are able to travel. 

However, it is important that you have the right medication for your condition i.e. an EpiPen for diabetes. Whether it’s mild or severe, if you fail to inform your insurer about your pre-existing condition then if you need to make a claim, it could be rejected.

Get the best quote for your specific needs

There are a few factors to take into account when putting together a policy for over 65s travel insurance, including:

Pre-existing medical conditions

So that they are covered by your policy. Here is how to get cover for pre-existing medical problems.

Planned activities

What you want to do on your trip, because you may have to pay more to cover dangerous activities and sports, like skiing.

Duration of trip

Some insurance providers will limit the amount of time you can go away for depending on your age, so make sure there isn’t a limit if you’re over 65 and you want to go on an extended trip. 


Some countries aren’t covered by all insurance providers and others are considered a higher risk, therefore, it might be worth checking whether you need worldwide travel insurance alongside your over 65s policy. 

Once you know exactly what cover you need for your trip you can look for travel insurance for over 65s.

COVID-19 update

Non-essential and international travel is not currently permitted before 17 May 2021 at the earliest (dates subject to further confirmation from the government). If you are a resident in the UK you should have received your Coronavirus vaccination by this point, if for any reason you are still yet to receive your first or second inoculation, it might be worth checking with your insurance provider if you are able to travel. 

Compare over 65s travel insurance quotes and get cashback

By comparing different policies and insurance companies, Quidco can provide cheap over 65s travel insurance quotes with up to *£33 in cashback. Simply work out the type of cover you need for your trip, then use the comparison tool to get instant quotes and find the ideal travel insurance.

Over 65s Travel Insurance FAQs

Do I need over 65s travel insurance?

Over 65s travel insurance is not a legal requirement, however it is recommended should you fall ill regularly or want to feel protected when holidaying. 

Why do I need travel insurance for over 65s?

Over 65s are considered a ‘high risk’ group to insurance providers, therefore premiums do tend to be higher in cost. If you are going away to a country you are unfamiliar with or you are doing activities that you’ve not done before, it’s important to be protected and prepared in the event of any injury that might occur. 

Should I declare pre-existing medical conditions on my travel insurance?

Yes, if you don’t declare any pre-existing medical conditions and you need to claim for illness or injury it is likely your insurer won’t pay out for your claim. 

What’s covered on my policy?

There are a number of factors covered with an over 65s travel insurance policy, but standard policies will include; personal possessions and baggage, emergency medical treatment, any disruptions to your holiday, repatriation, and cancellation and curtailment. 

It’s important to check with your insurer whether you’ve covered for everything that's relevant to your circumstances.

Can I get travel insurance when I’m over 65?

Yes, in fact, you can get insurance for yourself and a travel companion on one over 65 insurance policy which usually works out cheaper than buying two separate policies. 

Does it cost more?

Whilst over 65s insurance might be more expensive, most insurance providers allow you to travel with no time limits with specialised over 65s travel insurance policies.  

Can I buy over 65s travel insurance during COVID-19?

Unfortunately, if advice from the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) warns against non-essential travel to your destination when your trip starts, you won’t be covered if you still go away or decide to cancel for this reason. It is important to make sure you check the latest FCDO guidance before you travel.

Useful information

*Based on a couple aged 30 with no pre-existing medical conditions, taking annual multi-trip cover for Europe. Cover starts on 4th March 2022 and ends on 3rd March 2023. Prices correct as of 3rd March 2022.

If you're struggling to find suitable cover, the Money and Pension Service (MaPs) also provides a list of specialist insurers on the MaPs directory website – or you can call the British Insurance Brokers Association on 0370 950 1790. https://www.moneyhelper.org.uk/en/everyday-money/insurance/travel-insurance-directory