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Vans are useful for tools for work and play, offering a good amount of space with all the benefits and freedom a car can bring. It’s no wonder then, that vans are extremely popular with young drivers – but you need to get insurance first.

On this page you’ll learn everything a young van driver needs to know, including the type of policies on offer, how to drive costs down and more. 

Young driver van insurance illustration
Young driver van insurance illustration

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Types of young driver van insurance

Third party

This is the most basic level of insurance and the minimum legal requirement. Simply put, it’s able to cover any damage you do to a third-party’s person, vehicle or property – but it won’t cover anything on your own van. 

Third-party fire and theft

In addition to the above, third-party fire and theft adds cover for any damage done to your own van if it’s stolen or damaged due to theft, as well as fire.

Fully comprehensive

Full comprehensive covers everything third-party fire and theft does, but also covers damage done to your own van in an accident that’s been determined to be your fault.

Why is young driver van insurance so expensive?

All insurance is calculated on risk, and sadly young drivers who have just passed their test are more likely to be involved in an accident – and therefore cause a claim. For that reason, van insurance for young drivers tends to be more expensive than drivers of other age groups.

Accidents are most common in young drivers partly down to a lack of experience, misplaced bravery and a tendency to take more risks – and the net result is higher premiums.


Our expert says

‘Vans can be incredibly useful for all ages but getting a van insured is much more expensive for young drivers due to their increased risk of a claim. Still, it’s possible to reduce your premiums in a handful of ways.’

Curtis Moldrich - automotive journalist


How can you make van insurance cheaper?

Although insurance tends to be more expensive for young van drivers, there are lots of ways you can reduce costs. 

Add a more experienced named driver

If a younger driver uses the van most, they must remain as a main driver – but you can still reduce premiums by adding a more experienced named driver. This tells the insurance company the van will sometimes be driven by someone with a lower risk of making a claim, resulting in less overall risk and insurance premiums.

The experienced driver must use the van though – don’t be tempted to purely do this for a reduction in costs.

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Voluntary excess

You can reduce your premiums by upping your voluntary excess and agreeing to pay more before the insurance company pays the rest. While it may seem like a great idea to hike your voluntary excess up, remember that you may have to pay it one day – so make it affordable. 

Increase the security

Make sure your van uses a modern immobiliser or tracking device. Securing your van in a garage overnight may also help push your premiums down. 

Avoid modifications

When you’re 17, it might seem like a good idea to upgrade your stereo or make some cosmetic changes to your van – but it's a bad move if you want to keep your premiums down. Most insurance companies will increase your premiums if your van is modified – and others may refuse to insure it at all.

Get a suitable van

Insurance is partly calculated on the type of van you’re trying to get insured on. Pick something as small as you can – and with a small engine – to keep costs down.

Telematics or black box

Designed to record data such as speed and acceleration, a black box essentially records your inputs and shows if you really are a safe driver. Premiums could go down if you’re willing to have your driving monitored.


Who is classed as a young driver?

A young driver is classed as someone younger than the age of 25. Once you hit 25, it’s worth letting your insurer know to see if you can get your insurance premiums reduced.

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