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Name Description Category
QuidcoRefTduid Used to TD campaigns Analytical
Fb_code Facebook code Functionality
Fide_paypal_widget Prevents content being displayed Functionality
Ir_overridden_rates_viewed User variable rate targeting Functionality
Paypal_redirect_to Enables redirect parameter to be set Functionality
pp_refresh_token Used to check if the page is from a paypal refresh Functionality
QuidcoRefBanner Referral Campaigns Functionality
QuidcoRefCID Referral Campaigns Functionality
QuidcoRefer For referrals Functionality
QuidcoRefExtraFields Referral extra fields Functionality
QuidcoRefPlacement Referral Campaigns Functionality
QuidcoRefRID1 Referral Campaigns Functionality
QuidcoRefRID2 Referral Campaigns Functionality
Ref Used when checking the page is from an auto refresh Functionality
Rtgt_info Retargetting entry referrers Functionality
Showed-activating-in-store-reminder<user_id> Card activation reminder in In-Store merchants Functionality
Showed-progress-without-linking Used to delete the paypal modal Functionality
Skip_onboarding Skips the onboarding process Functionality
User_paypal_id Paypal linked cookie Functionality
Urt_user_id Used to display targeted user rates when they are logged out Marketing
Cookies_enabled To check if cookies are enabled Site critical
Deactivate-<user_id> For deactivating accounts Site critical
Login_form_token Checks if customers is logged in Site critical
PHPSESSID Session information for Quidco Site critical
QuidcoLandingPixel Used for referral campaigns Site critical
QuidcoRefUnique Unique identifier for the user Site critical
Session_id The user's session id Site critical
Skip_to_mobile_site Skips to mobile site Site critical
Google_search_terms Stores the google terms to get to quidco Tracking
Pixel_banner_* Pixel tracking Tracking
Pixel_tracking_authenticated Pixel tracking Tracking
Qco_landing_url_name Referrals Tracking
Quidco_http_referrer Used for tracking landing page Tracking
Quidco_http_referrer_expired Used for tracking landing page Tracking
QuidcoLandingPageId Referrals Tracking
Referral_page_visited Used to determine if a referral landing page was visited Tracking
Dhow_payment_type_modal For the payment modal Tracking
Siproduct Pixel tracking Tracking
Sisearchengine Pixel tracking Tracking
Tlbr_referral_merchant Used to track referrals via toolbar Tracking
User_prev_session Used to store the previous user's session info Tracking
User_unique_id Used to uniquely identity a user if they are not logged in Tracking
User_visit_tracking Tracks the user visit Tracking