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joleary wrote on 03 October 2016

ReThink your shave, get 10 pounds off here

Great product for the price and well branded with custom handle, use this for £10 off your cost. I really like what this company is doing, i used Gillette3 for years, this razor is good and the info supplied makes you rethink how and why you shave. Its not expensive either compared to main brands. Overall its worth a try, im in my 2nd week of using it and no faults so far. You are not tied down to a contract either to leave any time. Haven't paid cashback yet but this offer makes it worthwhile.

Overall rating 5 stars

KEVJOSANT wrote on 08 December 2016

Excellent value

Delivery was very fast and packaging was very tasteful as a gift.... an automatic discount of £10 per first order can be applied using the following link its very easy and cashback tracked within 30 minutes

Overall rating 4.5 stars

Overall rating 5 stars

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