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user1954933 wrote on 21 June 2017

Declined Cashback

The knee high socks I bought were fantastic as for ages now I have not been able to get any socks to go over my legs due to a medical condition. But they declined the cash back still don't understand why?

Overall rating 2 stars

user1615414 wrote on 24 August 2017

Be prepared!

Cashback cancelled yet again for no reason whatsoever! Be wary as used this site a few times but each time its been rejected.

Overall rating 1 stars

eLloydjones wrote on 22 July 2016

cosyfeet do not pay cashback

I purchases shoes £42 and the cash back was only £1.75 for £35 then they cancelled ALL the cashback. Don't deal with them

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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