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sheilakelly770393 wrote on 25 October 2016

wow more savings

brilliant get discount for being a member, extra discount for special offer, so in total saved 34%. wow, great deals

Overall rating 5 stars

SJFrew260957 wrote on 12 June 2017

one of the fastest payers

I'm amazed at how long some retailers take to pay the discounts. At least Create & Craft are definitely one of the quickest. I bought items in their sale so very happy with the prices & they are always quick with their deliveries.

Overall rating 4 stars

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Natjay wrote on 30 January 2017

Great Place to shop

Create and Craft is a great place to shop, they offer flexi pays which is ideal for people on budgets, the deliveries are of average standard. Most of mine usually come within two weeks, I have not had major problems myself, but the small issues i have had the customer service team are great at sorting it out for me, The website has just changed in recent week and as of yet its taking some getting used too, but i'm sure it will be just as good as the last layout. Cash back has been hit and miss with this site, some i am still waiting for but my status is tracked, so i do not know how long it takes, but its great to know you are getting that 2% back on all purchases. That is when i remember to use Quidco. Overall very please with Create and craft and will most certainly use again.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

Overall rating 4.5 stars

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