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roytwamley74718 wrote on 26 May 2017

I have never been awarded the full 8% in any purchase I have made.

I've been buying from cruise for some time now through Quidco. Not once have I ever received the full 8% on any purchase I have made. At best 5% I've seen. I contacted Quidco support and they were useless! It took them days to tell me that, Cruise said I had been using some sort of third party. Whatever that means? I was also told that I should clear my browser history because this can mess things up. I informed the person I was speaking to that every transaction I have made has been though the Quidco app so there is no history to clean. Que the uncomfortable silence..... They just blamed Cruise and said there was nothing they could do. Not happy at all. How can you not do anything? If it's 5% then say it's 5%. If it's not possible for me to get 8% tell me why? Shame on Cruise for trying to pay lower than promised without so much as a proper or reasonable explanation.

Overall rating 3 stars

user3660696 wrote on 10 April 2017

All cashback declined. Waste of time

2 month after tracking all cashback declined for no apparent reason.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

markok35 wrote on 08 March 2017


Made a purchase of over £100 with Cruise. Cashback was quickly declined. I put in a cashback claim but was declined again for no reason.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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