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jamesbain wrote on 20 February 2017

18 months later and still waiting for £1.79

Tracked quickly without needing a claim, but 18 months later this still hasn't been paid and Quidco are apparently "assessing the situation". Really? For £1.79 you'd have thought they would pay this up, especially as Crumpler are still an active merchant on the platform. Really disappointed.

Overall rating 3 stars

nickmilt2 wrote on 26 September 2016

Great products, but overall experience disappointing

Over a year since my purchase, and despite chasers, I've not had the cashback confirmed, to the point where I've written it off. Couple that with expensive, but slow, delivery charges and I doubt I'll buy from them direct again - quicker / easier to go via Amazon.

Overall rating 2 stars

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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