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Last updated Apr. 22, 2021



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Shopping Curious Egg

Curious Egg Cashback and Offers

Far beyond a luxury only some are privileged to have, art in all its forms touches our lives and enriches them. This is the philosophy behind Curious Egg, where you can find a plethora of artistic touches for your home or take advantage of the network attached to the business to find and commission a piece just for you

Explore through numerous categories featuring art forms from charcoal and oils to handcrafted accessories for your home. Find unusual and beautiful decorations to make your space stand out through the holidays and beyond. You may even find artisanal skincare products or speciality liquors you won’t find elsewhere.

Curious Egg Wallpaper

Scrap the notion all wallpapers are the same old-fashioned or kitsch patterns. Give your walls a chic new treatment with the modern wallpaper selections available through Curious Egg.

Designs range from subtle washes of colour to bold murals offered in a variety of hues and textures to shape your interiors into a unique space you can’t wait to return to each day. Take a modern twist on traditional patterns or stand out with stark geometrics. Whatever your style, Curious Egg is sure to have wallpaper to suit it.

Curious Egg Candles

Not all art hangs on our walls or sits on shelves for all eternity. Items such as candles may be fleeting due to the nature of their use, but the artisans who craft them are artists all the same.

You can find beautiful, handcrafted candles at Curious Egg. Jarred and pillar candles from Tatine are made using 100% natural beeswax or newer soy waxes and pure essential oils. Lovely hand-dipped taper candles in vibrant colours are available as well to bring life to your treasured candlesticks and a touch of whimsy to your home.

Curious Egg Art Room

The Art Room at Curious Egg features work by more than a dozen contemporary artists from across the UK and greater Europe. Featured artists work in a range of media, from traditional paintings and prints to textiles and ceramics. Claim a one-of-a-kind original from these up-and-coming artists—or, if originals are outside your budget, Curious Egg offers regular prints, as well as limited-edition prints.

Curious Egg Sourcing

Founder Lorraine Aaron has travelled extensively in search of working artists. She understands how difficult it can be to find something that speaks to your soul.

Through Curious Egg’s bespoke sourcing service, Aaron makes it possible for you to reach out through her to the extensive network of artists she’s built over the years. Curious Egg can work with you to create a piece especially for you in house, or Aaron and her team can assist in the process of reaching out to commission one of the artists in their network from start to finish.

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