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More about Daye

Daye exist to raise the standards in gynae health by creating innovative products and services that fit conveniently into our lives.

Health on your terms.

Daye recognise that the one-size-fits-all healthcare model doesn’t work. There is no one way to be healthy.

Daye go with your flow by delivering convenient, high-quality products that fit your needs and lifestyle, without compromising on your values.

Daye see privacy and continuity as the bedrock of being your own health advocate and owning your health record—the central purpose of our digital platform.

Daye lift the veil

Daye believe consumers should be able to make educated choices. This can only be achieved if brands commit to radical transparency. Daye lift the veil on their supply chain and manufacturing process and invite their community to know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes of Daye.

Daye believe medical research should be accessible for all. That’s why Daye make their own research and related scientific studies accessible and digestible to the non-medical community through their blog, Vitals.

Leave an impact, not a trace

Daye interpret sustainability holistically.

Daye are committed to making their products and services as environmentally friendly as possible—recognising that this a continued effort.

Sustainability to Daye doesn’t just mean the health and happiness of the planet; it means the wellbeing of the company and everyone who’s part of it.

Bridge the gap

Daye believe that both sexes deserve the same level of healthcare. Gynae health is human health, despite most medical research favouring the male physiology to date.