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phaldane47434 wrote on 20 February 2017

Pleasant enough transaction

Cashback received, so all good.

Overall rating 4 stars

MichaelS22 wrote on 06 June 2016

Quick to track slow to pay

Purchased in February Tracked quickly, but still no sign of payment. Can't comment on policy as luckily not had to make any claims yet.

Overall rating 4 stars

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user4322412 wrote on 26 May 2016

Holiday insurance

Tracked quickly Product competitively priced Not had to claim so can't comment on quality Very slow cash back, still waiting at the point and weeks over due Delivery speed was obviously instant as insured via website but shame cash back was not on time at least so that was and still is a major letdown. Update ordered in February cash back was due in April but still not received by the 26th may, 12 wks after ordering. Also Debenhams promise a gift card for taking up the insurance and that also has still not arrived....Look else where as things don't bode well for after service should we need to claim.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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