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Design Italy Cashback & Offers

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More about Design Italy

Italian Design boasts a variety of designers, artists and creators, many of whom are still little known. They innovate, create and produce on a daily basis. Design Italy Manifesto aims at protecting their creativity.

We promote Made in Italy Design by seeking Italian talents and spreading their uniqueness, beauty and creativity throughout the world.

We believe that contemporary Made in Italy Design is a constantly evolving phenomenon and represents a key to uniqueness.

We create opportunities for our designers, artists and producers around the world giving them voice and visibility.

We join together and connect designers in a network of value that broadens high-end Made in Italy commercial horizons.

We show Made in Italy Design to people, because behind every work there is a story and behind every creator there is an idea, a creation know-how and a unique savoir-faire.

We believe that designers’ roots, history and territory are fundamental to their creations. All these elements together contribute to shape an identity that is unique in the world.

We believe that Made in Italy can attract to our country great international designers to produce and become part of the best of Made in Italy.

We bring the uniqueness of beautiful and well-made to the world and to the one inside Made in Italy thanks to ordinary and digital technology.

We support the environment, which is the point of departure and arrival for resources and an asset to be protected and loved.

We believe in the unique Italian ability to regenerate and transform different materials and thus innovate.

We work with passion to develop connections, ideas and markets that can generate value and make Made in Italy grow in the world.