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cantsaveenough wrote on 27 September 2016

Fast cash back on top of great discounts

Used this company many time and must say never disappointed, always pay the cash back tracked and at great prices with good delivery times.

Overall rating 5 stars

bennett2kuk wrote on 09 March 2017

Initially okay but eventually I just couldn't trust them.

I used discount supplements for years when I first seriously started using the gym. Initially everything was fine, I was buying powders and protein bars. Then suddenly the powder was ordering started varying. The packaging was exactly the same but on one order the powder would be chalky, the next granular etc. I queried it and was basically told I was wrong and just to accept it. Then the bars started as well, they went from an oat recipe to something obviously resembling rice crispies. Again I queried and again I was told I was wrong. Eventually I just couldn't trust that the items I was ordering were anything like the packaging suggested and their responses just left me unable to trust them. I started using My Protein instead and have never looked back.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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