10 top tips for a sailing holiday

Look after yourself and your family on the water

Sailing holidays are a wonderful way for holidaymakers of all ages and skill levels to build confidence in and on the water, as well as enjoying time building a new skill.

Quidco Discover has a few handy tips before you take to the Seven Seas.

Protect those knees

Bring knee pads, as grazed knees are a common injury when scrambling around boats in shorts. They may not be great for your tan lines, but they’ll help keep your knees safe!

Beware of the sun

Plenty of sun tan lotion is key, as the reflection of the sun on the water means sun burn takes effect more quickly. I would recommend a fitted cap or draw string hat, which can be clipped to your buoyancy aid with a short leash – ideal for strong winds!

Source local knowledge

Don’t risk surprise currents or hidden rocks – before setting off on the water for the first time at a certain destination, ask local tourist offices or advice centres for advice or suggestions on the best sailing spots in the area. You may even find out about a hidden gem!

Check the weather

Always check weather reports before setting sail, to ensure you can expect a suitable amount of wind. This could also save you getting into any bother should bad weather be forecast.

Keep cash on you

Some beaches require payment of a fee to launch from their shores. This will often go towards local facilities such as launching ramps, car parking and so on. These designated areas minimise the effect on local wildlife and make it easier for you to access the water, so paying a fee is often worthwhile.

Audit your equipment

Make sure to check and double check all of your equipment before starting to rig. You definitely don’t want to find out you’ve left something crucial at home once you’ve already rigged up your sail.

Stay in touch

Contact a family member, hotel reception or a friend to let them know where you plan to be and when you plan to return. Call them when you are back on dry land so that they know not to worry or call a coast guard.

Pack for the cold

Pack plenty of warm clothes, as even warm days can be chilly when you’re in and out of the water. Also keep a snack and drinks handy in case energy levels drop.

Kit the kids out

If you’re sailing with small children, protective all-in-one wetsuits are ideal for hot climates as they protect their skin from the sun.

Be RYA wise

If you are considering sailing back in the UK, head to the Royal Yachting Association website and find out about your nearest centre. Here you will be able to be taught by fully qualified instructors in a safe environment.

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