30-seconds to a more homely student house

Subtle changes for better house harmony

Your dorm bedroom and shared living spaces are a functional compromise, it’s no way to live. The two-up, two-down student house hummed of residents gone-by when you moved in (‘Was there really this much grime when we looked around?!’ you exclaimed!), but confidently chucking your nice stuff at it hasn’t really helped.

What’s worse, there are no boundaries to your ambitious living. You’re playing beer pong in the lounge, cramming for exams in the bathroom, building a pantry in the bedroom, recording YouTube videos in the kitchen, hosting band practice in the garden, fashioning a walk-in wardrobe in the hall, and last but not least, sleeping… pretty much everywhere.

Yeah, it sounds kinda messy, and a bit stressful. Fear not, there are subtle changes you can make to make it feel instantly more comfortable without parting with too much of your student loan.

Stop It And Tidy Up

Storage has got to be top of your list for keeping clutter-related stress at bay. Stack wicker or neutral linen baskets under the bed, under coffee tables, on top of and inside wardrobes. The pale colours will soften and expand the room, giving your exam-focused brain a break from the mess on the floor. Plus, if you pick the right retailer it’s super affordable.

Sleep It Off

Neutral styling also applies to your bed. Look for plain dye bedding that’s at least 80% cotton. Ever notice how your parents bedding feels like an actual cloud, but at uni it’s like sleeping on rash-inducing cardboard (and it definitely doesn’t smell like Lenor!) A higher thread count will contribute to a comfier sleep, or lounge, and the next step is a higher tog duvet. Neither will cost the earth if you shop around a bit.

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A Family Affair

Home is where the heart is, and where the heart is there’s inevitably comfort food. Nothing says ‘home’ like opening the front door on a wintery Thursday evening and taking a deep breath of Dad’s cheesy, carb-heavy lasagne. The same pleasures can and should be indulged at uni. Get your housemates and pals together for a ‘bring a dish’ roast. It’s simple, satisfying and ticks all the right homey boxes.

House Ambassador

The University of Ontario discovered that different lighting impacts your health and decision-making. More extreme lighting induces stronger emotional reactions — not good if you’re feeling homesick, hungover or fed up with your housemates — so switch on a softer table lamp, or even swap in a gentler bulb. You’ll all think more rationally about that third bottle of WKD. Feel illuminated?

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