5 holiday destinations for the early sun seeker

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If you’re eager to get away sooner rather than later, but still fancy basking in glorious sunshine, where should you head? While most of Europe hasn’t warmed up to skin bronzing temperatures, many southern hemisphere destinations are already gearing up for Winter…it poses quite a quandary.

Never fear though, Quidco Discover has five choice destinations for the April traveller.

The Canary Islands

Average April Temp: 23ºC
Average daily sunshine: 8hrs

Just four hours from London by plane, the Canary Islands have long been a popular haunt for Brits in search of a beach.

With temperatures averaging 23ºC during April it’s not ridiculously hot, but nor is it too expensive. A popular choice with travel companies and tourists alike, it’s not hard to find package deals to the major islands like Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and La Palma.

For families, the islands are home to a number of aquatic parks and natural pools, as well as some great beaches, while some of the best beaches in Europe, and perfect watersport conditions, can be found on Fuerteventura’s Sotavento coast.

Las Vegas, USA

Average April Temp: 25ºC
Average daily sunshine: 12hrs

April marks the start of pool season in Las Vegas which means you can expect comfortable bikini temperatures as well as a rush of college students eagerly celebrating their Spring Break.

Alongside October, this month marks the best time of year to enjoy a stroll down Sin City’s famous strip without being subjected to oppressive humidity. As if you needed a reminder, Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and with 1,700 places to chance your hand you’ll never struggle to find entertainment whatever the hour.

Moreover, if you’re eager to get out and about Vegas’ proximity to the Grand Canyon makes it an ideal destination to explore some of the world’s most dramatic scenery.


Average April Temp: 27ºC
Average daily sunshine: 10hrs

The perfect destination for shopaholics and sun worshippers alike, Dubai, is the jewel in the crown of the United Arab Emirates. Known as the City of Gold and with a whole host of state-of-the-art malls and intimate souks, it’s arguably one of the best places to go shopping for precious jewels at bargain prices.

Of course, Dubai isn’t all about retail therapy, the amazing Jumeirah beach-fronted hotels and accommodation are also at the high end of the hospitality industry meaning you’re sure to have a great stay. If you’re looking for a great night out, there are also bars and clubs aplenty, many of which stay open until the early hours.

As for the weather, well let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. Temperatures begin to hit 33ºC and the sun is out for around 10 hours per day – perfect if you can take the heat!


Average April temp: 25ºC
Average daily sunshine: 10hrs

Often overlooked in favour of more traditional European destinations, Gambia is quickly becoming one of the worst kept secrets for sunseekers looking for an early summer holiday on a budget.

Just six hours from London, it’s replete with golden beaches that stretch for miles, accommodation to suit all budgets, zero rainfall during April and a vibrant population who make for great hosts. Despite the extra distance travelled, the pound is stronger against the local Dalasi currency meaning you’ll get better value for money than if you stayed in Europe.

Moreover, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast you’re in for a real treat; Gambia has over 550 types of bird as well as nature reserves where you can spot crocodiles, pythons, hyenas and all manner of other beasts. You’ll need to check with your doctor, but jabs are usually necessary if you’re visiting the region for the first time.


Average April temp: 29ºC
Average daily sunshine: 8hrs

With more islands than you can shake a stick at, Thailand has so many beaches it’s a wonder the local population gets anything done. Perhaps they don’t, Quidco Discover hasn’t checked.

Unique in many ways, Thailand is both a modern country and one with a rich cultural heritage to which it clings with both hands. Whether it’s Buddhist temples, trekking in the rainforest, skuba-diving sessions or taking timeout to indulge in the delicious local cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Thailand…aside from skiing opportunities.

Accommodation is very competitive with rooms in 5 star resorts available for a fraction of European prices, while the weather is consistently hot all year round. April to June brings high humidity, but at the same time it’s also off-peak season for tourists meaning there are great deals to be had.

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Andrew Allen / Editor