5 reasons why you should buy FIFA 17 immediately

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FIFA 17 is nearly back, with fans of the game having to wait just a few more days before they get their mitts on a copy. EA Sports have delivered a raft of improvements this year: a brand new game engine, a stunning new game feature and brilliant graphics. Heck, they’ve even included a ton of new goal celebrations. We just know you can’t wait to dab with Paul Pogba.

Here are five reasons why you should buy FIFA 17 immediately.

1. The Journey

FIFA‘s new story mode – The Journey – is by far most impressive addition to the game this year. The mode follows teenage sensation Alex Hunter as he embarks on the road to Premier League stardom, using cutscenes in between training and matches as you progress his fledgling career.

It’s really quite an exciting development to the FIFA franchise, and gamers will take great enjoyment in leading Alex to his childhood dream of playing in the Premier League. Interaction with fellow stars will provide genuine delight.

These interactions, too, have consequences. Hunter will need to make decisions throughout his journey, notably in post-match interviews which affect relationships with fans and the manager alike, and it will be via this dialogue that players will choose whether Alex follows the ‘fiery’ or ‘cool’ route.

This interactive layer is a superb development on top of an already impressive gameplay feature, and lends another opportunity for gamers to put their own stamp on The Journey.

The growth of your player itself feels rewarding – there’s an in-game rating system that tracks match performance – meaning that every action on the pitch will have meaning, too.

All in all, The Journey is one of the most exciting story modes to ever have been put out by a sports game.

2. Gameplay

Breaking news for FIFA players who like pace: IT’S BACK!

The franchise has, over previous years, tended to emphasise the pace of players to varying extent, and this year’s version is completely different to 16 which at times felt rather slow. Watching Gareth Bale outpace defenders of all shapes and sizes will, once again, become a rather familiar sight.

Perhaps most importantly, team-mate AI has undergone a significant upgrade. Attacking moves now feel far more natural, with computer-controlled players making more intelligent runs that will give players enjoyment as they attack. More of your players will now run in behind the defence at will, opening up the ability for gamers to play devastating through balls. It’s added more of the ‘fun’ back into the game – certainly no bad thing.

Finally, set-pieces have changed with corners in particular being completely revamped. Users will now have more control over the movement of players in the box, while there are added options with regards to the type of delivery used. It make take some time to get used to, but this is a positive change.

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3. Frostbite

Under the bonnet, FIFA 17 has a brand new engine: EA Sports’ Frostbite. It’s already used by several big titles – including the incredibly popular Battlefield – and it’s made the title more realistic than ever.

There’s no doubt this is certainly the best-looking FIFA to date, and this time the franchise has scanned in more player’s faces than previously which will please gamers. The graphics are refined and player realism is as good as it’s ever been – you can see even the players getting tired as the game progresses.

4. Managers

One of our favourite small details about FIFA 17 is the fact that it contains lifelike versions of every Premier League manager. Hooray!

From Arsene Wenger’s frustration (without his special coat sadly), to Jose Mourinho’s venomous stare, seeing the managers on the sideline adds yet another layer of realism to the game. It’s an improvement that gamers have long called out for, and EA Sports really haven’t disappointed. We imagine celebrating a goal with Jurgen Klopp will be particularly popular.

5. Commentary

FIFA has taken a big stride with its commentary this year, and there are now truly relevant lines in all game modes.

The wildly popular Ultimate Team features commentary optimised to newly acquired players, and matches in career mode will now have dialogue that is suited to your progress within your respective season. The Journey, naturally, features commentary that is focused around specific references to Alex Hunter, and his pal Gareth, really adding to its authenticity.

What else can we ask for?

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