5 tips to ensure your airport experience runs smoothly

Avoid a nightmare journey with our handy tips

Everybody gets excited at the prospect of a week on the beach, but sometimes that enthusiasm gets in the way of proper planning.

Remember, there’s nothing worse than book-ending a holiday with a nightmare journey so make sure you follow our handy hints to ensure your time at the airport runs as smoothly as possible…

Be aware of packing restrictions

Naturally, when it comes to packing for your holiday your destination is going to dictate what and how much you take. That being said, it’s always worth checking the luggage weight restrictions.

As an example, if you’re travelling with Easyjet there’s a 20kg limit on checked luggage and they charge you for the privilege. Most budget airlines advise against carrying anything over 23kg – the excess fees are huge – while any baggage over 32kg can be rejected under the law. British Airways are more liberal, although the cost is reflected in the ticket price, with customers allowed two ‘free’ checked bags, so long as they don’t total more than 23kg.

If you’re travelling light and only intend to take hand luggage you not only need to make sure your bag fits your airline’s specifications you also need to be well aware of the rules on carrying liquids. If you want to make it through security without a hitch, all toiletries and liquids should be transported in a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre bag (no bigger than 20x20cm).

Check-in online

Most airlines allow their customers to check-in online 48 hours before they travel. With flight details and passport in hand you can print off a boarding pass in the comfort of your own home which will reduce the amount of time you spend queuing next to screaming children and bickering couples in the airport.

Know where you need to be

It may sound ridiculous but you’d be amazed by how many people turn up at the wrong terminal or airport because they haven’t bothered to check their tickets. So…make sure you check your ticket or confirmation email! If you’re keen to avoid frantic early-morning calls to cab firms or aimlessly standing in the street with your luggage it goes without saying that you should pre-arrange a taxi.

Alternatively, if you’re driving yourself to the airport take a map or satellite navigation system with you and always remember that there are great savings to be made by booking a parking space online.

Ensure you’re insured

By all means treat yourself to a new pair of shades and fancy new swimwear, but don’t let frivolous purchases come at the expense of proper travel insurance. If you’re venturing to Europe, be sure to take your free European Health Insurance card (EHIC) as it secures the holder to care at the same price as locals in all state run hospitals in EU countries.

private insurance policy is also much advised not just if you fall ill or get injured, but if you’re worried about luggage going missing or booking cancellations. There are great deals available at the click of a mouse which will cover everything from annual trips to extreme sports.

Money, money, money

In the rush to pack for a holiday, changing currency always seems to slip down the priority list. It shouldn’t, as there are big gains to be made by buying currency online, moreover if you use Quidco to buy at the Post Office and Travelex, both of which deliver to your front door, you can even earn cashback.

If taking big wads of cash doesn’t suit you, a commission free prepaid debit card is a great alternative. Typically offering a better exchange rate than High Street currency, you top up the card with how much you wish to spend and use it like you would a normal debit card. It’s chip and pin protected, can be managed from your smart phone and is cheaper than using a normal debit card.

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