5 ways to save money as a new parent

Clever parenting hacks for those expecting

If you’re thinking about having a baby or perhaps you’ve just become a new parent, one of the main things you will worry about (apart from the lack of sleep) is how you are going to afford your little bundle of joy.

With the average cost of having a baby amounting to almost £4,000 in the first year of their life, it’s obvious they don’t come cheap! Also, and I speak from experience, no matter how many hand-me-downs friends and family help out with, there’s always something you don’t budget for.

Luckily Quidco Discover is on hand to give you some of my ultimate money-saving baby tips.

Don’t overpay for nappies – ever!

When my first daughter was born 15 years ago we weren’t prepared at all. I remember she’d been home from the hospital for a few days and we were already running out of nappies. It’s crazy to think we hadn’t stockpiled but it wasn’t something we’d thought about.

Anyway, I headed out to our local shop to grab a packet and was shocked at the price compared to the supermarket a couple of miles away.

Since then we’ve had two more children and learnt from that mistake. Not only have we looked out for special offers and bought in bulk, we also have a nifty cheap nappy comparison tool which means we always pay the best price for nappies.

Don’t buy stuff just for the sake of it

As new and very excitable parents we’ve all bought baby stuff for the sake of it and, if you’re honest, there are sure to be items that never actually saw the light of day.

Some of the biggest culprits are baby bath thermometers, bottle warmers and baby food makers. All these ‘must have’ items sound great and clever marketing makes you think they’re needed but, in practice, they are an unnecessary spend.

If you’re a first time parent it’s definitely worth speaking to friends with children or even your own parents to find out what items you must have and what items are really just a novelty.

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Join baby clubs and make the most of freebies

Freebies, freebies, freebies! Let’s be honest – we all like it when we get something for nothing and if you’re a new parent, any baby stuff you can get for free is a bonus!

By signing up to baby clubs you’ll be privy to a wide range of freebies including product samples and money off coupons. There are plenty of baby clubs to choose from and you’ll want to sign up to as many as possible.

You can do a quick search on Google but as a starter I would check out Babies R Us Mother and Baby Club, Boots Parenting Club, and Cow & Gate Baby Club who each offer a range of baby freebies.

Buy one size too big

This is an easy tip but one that will save you forking out extra money. Whether it’s you shopping for new baby clothes, or a family member is asking about what clothes the baby needs, always buy or tell them to buy one size bigger.

Your new baby will experience quick growth in those early months so buying the correct size will only result in a short period of use.

Buying one size bigger than your baby needs will save you a shed load of money and the only thing you might need to do is roll up the sleeves and trouser legs for a few weeks.

Don’t shy away from second hand

You want the best for your baby? Of course you do! That doesn’t mean you automatically need to buy everything brand spanking new.

With everything you need to buy for the arrival of your little one, buying second hand really can help financially.

One of the items we bought that wasn’t brand new was my daughter’s cot. It was originally purchased from John Lewis at a cost of £450 and we managed to buy it on eBay for less than £100! It was like new and all we needed to buy new was the mattress.

Baby furniture, toys and even clothes can be bought second hand from places such as eBay (try doing a local search to avoid delivery) and Gumtree, all at a hugely discounted price.

Ricky Willis is the founder and editor of the award winning Skint Dad blog. As well as hunting down bargains on the High Street and online; you can also find Ricky sharing his money saving ideas on Twitter and Facebook.

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