How to throw a legendary Game of Thrones viewing party

It’s here… it’s finally here! The final season for Game of Thrones starts on 15th April in the UK. Since the show’s beginnings in 2011 — what seems like ages ago now — fans of the show have been looking forward to what is sure to be an incredible series finale. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Who will survive? Which of your favourite characters are going to be killed? Will the dragons fight each other? Will Brienne and Tormund get together at last? Will Hot Pie get his own spin-off series?

The return of the series is a cause for celebration for many Game of Thrones geeks out there. It’s a great opportunity to get some friends together and throw a party. We’ll take you through all the things you’ll need to throw a GOT gathering that even Tyrion Lannister would be proud of. From the food and drink to the right viewing equipment, read on for everything you need to watch the final series one of the best TV programs that’s ever been

Step 1: Get access to the show

First off, you have to have access to the show. If you haven’t already, we recommend you grab the NOW TV Smart Stick with two months of entertainment. With this package, not only can you stream the new series of Game of Thrones in HD, but you also have access to over 300 other box sets. If you haven’t yet seen Game of Thrones but want to find out what all the fuss about, NOW TV has all previous seven series available to watch, so you can try your best to binge watch seven series before Monday.

You can watch NOW TV shows on your television, laptop or phone, so whether you’re throwing a viewing party or just watching the show on your commute to work in the morning, NOW TV has got you covered. What’s more, if you purchase your Entertainment Subscription or NOW TV stick through Quidco, you can earn cashback.

Step 2: Get the right viewing experience

Game of Thrones is famous for its epic battle scenes and sweeping landscapes. And you’re going to want to have some high-level technology to be able to view all of that properly. As such, to get the most out of the show, you will want to watch in high definition. It’s the perfect excuse to upgrade your TV.

If you’re planning to splash the cash, treat yourself to a new LG Super UHD TV, either in 49”, 55” or 65”, depending on your living room space. These go for circa £600, depending on size. Sit back and watch some breathtakingly realistic sword-fight action from the comfort of your own home. If you’re on a bit more of a budget, consider the Panasonic TX 43” TV. Going for around £250, this is a very reliable set with 1080p full resolution, for an excellent and clear picture. Watching a dragon cause some chaos on this TV will sure to get your heart pumping. Both of these TVs can be found with great deals on Be sure to follow Quidco’s cashback links in order for you to earn cashback.

Step 3: Make a Game of Thrones feast

As it’s the season finale, celebrate and eat like a Lannister. Whether you want to prepare your own food, or act like real royalty and have it delivered to your door, there’s a whole host of Game of Thrones-inspired grab out there.

If you’re planning to cook you own Westeros grub, look no further than Jamie Oliver’s Game of Thrones banquet. For an epic feast, try your hand at the ‘Flying Steak Sandwich’, made with pigeon meat. This delicious, soul-nourishing sandwich is perfect for sharing, and it will bring back memories of when Joffrey got his comeuppance and went purple. Fortunately, this recipe won’t kill anyone at your party — which is a plus.

For desert, how about Sansa Stark’s favourite: ‘Lemon Cake’. It’s easy to make and properly yum. For ingredients to these recipes, head to Sainsbury’s online. Be sure to head through Quidco’s cashback links, so you can earn cashback whilst you cook up a storm.

Don’t fancy cooking? That’s okay, with Quidco cashback, you can earn money back on a takeaway when you order from Just Eat.

Step 4: Celebrate the finale with a drink or two

A lot of your favourite Game of Thrones characters have likely bit the dust over the last seven series. It’s time to drink to the fallen. Go all out and make cocktails for you and your friends. Paste magazine has come up with some delicious Game of Thrones-inspired cocktails. If you see yourself as a Cersei, mix up some Cersei Sangria. Made with sauvignon blanc, triple sec and a collection of sour and sweet fruit, it perfectly captures the mean queen. If you’re more down with the people, try the Night’s Watch cocktail. Made of maraschino, Bénédictine, coffee, and shaken with ice, this cocktail will keep you up and ready to fight some white walkers.

For a hearty mead, check out the Game of Thrones beer selection, brewed by the Ommegang company. The company have brewed beer for all of the GOT house names. Take a sip of the ‘Mother of Dragons’ if you see a bit of yourself in Daenerys, or pour yourself a pint of ‘King of the North’ if you’re more of a Jon Snow type.

Once you’ve stocked up on the necessary items, introduce some fun into the session. There are tons of Game of Thrones drinking games to be found on the internet. The basic rules usually go a bit like this: drink when somebody dies, drink when there’s a sex scene, drink when somebody says the word ‘throne’. Once you have the basics, you can start adding your own.


Step 5: Geek out and get some decor

Can you really call yourself a Game of Thrones superfan if you haven’t got a Night’s Watch-style cape? If you really want to feel the Westeros vibes, you can kit out your home and yourself with a vast range of GOT memorabilia available on the market today. The costume designer for the show has recently revealed that the fur capes that Jon Snow & co wear are actually IKEA sheepskin rugs. You can purchase these for as little as £25, and feel like you’re part of the Night’s Watch yourself.

For more Game of Thrones-inspired bits and bobs, head to Etsy. Here you can find everything from funny GOT t-shirts to mugs with iconic quotes printed on. To really set the scene, grab a large rustic Game of Thrones map of the ‘Known World.’ The great thing about Etsy is that everything is uniquely made by people who like Game of Thrones as much as you do.

Step 6: Grab some board games for when the show’s over

Once GOT finishes, don’t wallow in despair. Keep the fun going with some Game of Thrones board games. We recommend GOT Risk. The age-old game of war and colonisation has got on the Game of Thrones hype and released version based in Westeros. Play as one of five armies: Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Martell or Tyrell, and use your brains and strategic abilities to conquer Westeros and claim the Iron Throne. It may be a good idea to book the next day off work, as Risk can take a while. GOT Risk is available at Waterstones. Make sure that you follow the Quidco cashback link below to Waterstones, so that you can earn cashback.

Now you have everything you need for an epic Game of Thrones viewing party, sit back, relax and watch the finale unfold.

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