Hey students! Get cashback on ALL your university essentials

Every little helps when you're sticking to a budget

Whether you’re a fresher venturing away from home for the first time or a seasoned student entering your final year, you’ll probably have one thing in common – you’re skint! And not having money, sucks!

Never fear, help is at hand…we’ve come up with ten uni essentials all available with cashback. 

Switch bank accounts

Banks offer big bucks to anyone who switches accounts. We’re talking up to £100 but many of these accounts will require you to pay in money.

You might want a student account as these come with perks, like Santander’s 123 Student current account which comes with a four-year 16-25 student railcard giving you a third off most rail journeys.

Compare student and non-student accounts and check what you need. You could even use Quidco to earn cashback if you opt for a Nationwide FlexAccount or Co-op Bank Account.

Once you graduate don’t forget to reassess this and compare accounts again.

Switch energy providers

If you’re living in shared accommodation then you could cut the cost of your bills before winter hits by switching energy suppliers.

Legally your landlord cannot stop you from switching, even though your contract may say otherwise. Speak to them and explain that you want to switch to cut your bill costs, they should be reasonable about it.

You’ll automatically get a discount for paying one supplier to provide you with gas and electricity and the cheapest tariffs are found online.

If you’ve lived in the property before then using an old bill will help when you’re comparing, but if not you could ask the landlord or previous tenants about who they were with and how much they paid.

Use Quidco Compare to save time and money and to earn cashback. Alternatively, visit the likes of uSwitch.com, GoCompare.com or Confused.com via Quidco.

Get a better mobile deal

Haggle you way to a better deal by calling your mobile provider and asking what they can do for you. This will probably only work if you’re near the end of your contract, but if you’re looking for a new deal then use a comparison website to find what mobile contracts are on offer.

Once you’ve found a deal check Quidco to see if they have any cashback available. O2, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, EE, Tesco Mobile, Virgin, Three and more are listed.

If you’re really worried about money then you could get a Pay As You Go phone to help limit your spending.

Laptop/ desktop computer

It’s the one gadget that you probably do need to get your studies done (and snoop on your new friends on Facebook too). If you’re looking for buy a new laptop or desktop computer then do your research. Read reviews on tech websites and compare prices using a comparison website.

A laptop is a significant purchase so you could be in for a bumper bonus return in the form of cashback if you do your homework before buying.

Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom essentials

The same rule applies to anything you’ll need for the kitchen, bathroom and your bedroom.

You’ll probably find that most halls of residence and student rentals will come with the basics, like a bed, sofa and washing machine etc.

Make a list of the things you might need, like a toaster, plates, cutlery, bedding, desk lamp, laundry basket, shower curtain or bathroom mat.

Once you’ve decided what you need its time to find the cheapest price. Compare prices and check that you can get them delivered straight to your new home. Remember, there are dozens of retailers offering cashback on spending.

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