How social media can save you a fortune

For recipes and craft ideas to big discounts when you shop, turn to social

Social media can be such a time waster – wouldn’t you agree? You can easily spend hours on end Tweeting random thoughts, Facebooking long lost school friends and Instagramming photo after photo of your children and what you’ve been eating.

However, on the other hand, I think social media is a great tool that can be used to save both time and money if used correctly.

Social media is more than just being social and keeping up to date with family and friends (oh, and people you’re not quite sure how you know them anymore). You can use it as a tool, as a huge encyclopaedia and a sounding board for pretty much any advice you need.


Having recently got married on a budget, a great deal of our decorations and stationary were all made by hand (mostly by my wife to be honest!). We did research together – on social media – and found so many great ideas and concepts for weddings.

Pinterest is a winner in my eyes with boards and inspiration for craft ideas whether it be for things for the home or stuff to do with kids. Facebook is also quite good as there are loads of groups set up for crafty like-minded people to share ideas and stories.


When it comes to getting a bargain on the High Street, Twitter and Facebook should be on your list of stop offs. With over 10 million Twitter and 30 million Facebook users in the UK alone, big name brands make sure they are visible on these networks.

By following your favourite brand on social media you will be sure to hear about the latest sale news, promotional offers and those handy discount codes which will enable to you get more bang for your buck!

Quite a lot of them also hold giveaways and competitions on their Twitter and Facebook pages so you may get a chance to win some bits and pieces too! Either search using a hash tag like #comp, #competition or #win for retailers doing giveaways, or just follow the retailers you like.


For a wealth of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any meal in between, you should check out Pinterest. You can be quite picky with what you search for and can find all sorts. I find that I can eat the same meals week to week so to be a bit more adventurous we check out recipe and food boards to find some family friendly meals.

If you don’t just want to look at picture after, picture, Facebook has loads of groups for recipes ideas, whether you are using your slow cooker, or making food on a budget.


If you’re under the weather, instead of automatically heading for the medicine cabinet, why not try to make up some homeopathic remedies?

A great place to look is Pinterest which is full of pictures ideas to keep you hydrated with lemon and ginger drinks, or to keep you warm with lavender infused oils.

Medicines can be expensive and, if it’s just a bit of a cold, you may have bits and pieces in your food cupboard or fridge that you could make up instead.

Obviously if things do get worse please visit to your doctor.

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Ricky Willis / @SkintDad

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