How to maximise space in every part of your home (Pt.1)

Our property experts share their key tips

Being savvy about how you use the space in your home can be hard. Whether you’re a first-time buyer with your first foot on the property ladder, or a retired couple who’s swapped their spacious family home for a two-bedroom semi, it can be tricky storing your belongings in a clutter-free way.

These property experts show how it’s done…

Bunk beds are great

“It can be tricky for families to find space in the house – especially in children’s bedrooms,” says Anne Davies, Director at Room to Grow. “Mid sleepers and high sleepers maximise the floor space by utilising the area underneath and around the bed to its fullest potential.”

Consider beds with inbuilt storage or even bunk beds like the below from Room to Grow.

Make use of cupboard doors

“To squeeze a bit more storage out of your kitchen, utilise the inside of your cupboard doors,” says Gary Lyons, managing director of Plastic Box Shop. “Fix magazine racks here for a convenient place to store foil and cling film, or adhesive hooks to keep utensils out of sight but close to hand.”

Don’t be put off by small bathrooms

“With modern bathrooms becoming increasingly smaller in size and the rise in popularity of adding en-suites and cloakrooms in the home, the WC Unit and basin combo has become the perfect addition,” says Alan Gregory, Interior Guru at Victorian Plumbing. ‘It saves space whilst providing the room with a contemporary, sleek style.”

Alaska two-in-one wash basin

Go for sliding doors

“Internal sliding doors are great for smaller homes,” says explains Philip Jones, Technical Services Manager at P C Henderson. “Pocket doors for example, can create space in smaller rooms by eliminating the area taken up by a swing door, as they glide neatly into the wall cavity.

Boxes can be stylish

“A cluttered room is a smaller room,” says Simon Glanville, storage expert from STORE – a place for everything. “Invest in some boxes and containers to make sure everything has its place. Our Me-Box has a perforated grid on the front that can be punched-out to make numbers, letters, or a picture of what you’re storing inside.”

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