How to maximise space in every part of your home (Pt.2)

Our home-owners and furniture gurus show you how it's done

Being savvy about how you use the space in your home can be hard. Whether you’re a first-time buyer with your first foot on the property ladder, or a retired couple who’s swapped their spacious family home for a two-bedroom semi, it can be tricky storing your belongings in a clutter-free way.

These home-owners, furniture gurus and property experts show how it’s done.

Storage tips for families and first-time buyers

Space saving furniture

Michelle Carpenter, 37, lives with her husband Charlie and their four-month-old son Harrison in Carshalton. She says maximising space in your home is all down to the furniture.

“We bought beds that have inbuilt storage underneath rather than a divan bed,” says Michelle, “you can even buy cots with drawers underneath them.

“Also consider getting an extendable dining table with chairs that you can stack up and store away – you can get some really stylish ones these days.”

Buy slim and go bespoke

Anna Tobin, 42, a freelance journalist and interiors stylist lives in North London with her husband Justin, 46 and daughters Ella, 12, Lily 9, and dog Domino. She runs the blog Don’t Cramp Our Style.

“Whether you’re buying a fridge, a washing machine or even a bath, always take a measured approach,” she says.

“You’ll be surprised at how many white goods come in a slim version.”

She adds: “Consider investing in bespoke furniture. It allows you to build right up to the ceiling and into nooks and crannies.”

Hang things up high

Eilidh, 27, from Glasgow renovated her first home in Glasgow with partner Andrew, 26. She documented the transformation on her blog, Maisy Meow.

“You can save floor space by hanging things up high,” says Eilidh. “Whether it’s hanging plants or bare lightbulbs that you can hang from the wall,” it can make a room look spacious and stylish.

Storage tips for when you downsize your home

When journalist and radio presenter Libby Purves and her husband Paul Heiney sold their family home in 2015 to move into a smaller pad, it took a lot of courage to leave a house filled with memories and 15 years’ worth of belongings. However, the couple, in their 60s, agreed their house in Suffolk ‘felt tired’ and a smaller place would give them ‘a new lease of life’.

Follow their tips on how to save space when you downsize your home.

Get savvy with your shelves

Shelves can create extra storage when you downsize to a smaller home. Fix a delft shelf high up the wall. It doesn’t clutter a room and is somewhere for books and ornaments. Corner shelves and cupboards are good too, nobody ever wants to stand in a corner, do they?

Love your ottoman

Chests and ottomans are fantastic as you can store your linen, winter curtains and clothes in them but they are also seats!

Think of your house as a boat

It may sound strange but if you think of your house as a boat, or a canal-boat, you’ll soon start using the space more wisely. Go to a boat show and look at how they manage storage in a ridiculously small space in all sorts of clever ways.

Buy a mini Dyson

You don’t need a huge vacuum cleaner when you downsize your home. The cordless Dyson stick vacuum cleaners take up no space and easily hang behind a cupboard door.

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