How to save money on your wedding without your guests knowing

Tie the knot in style for less with our tips

As you organise your wedding you’ll soon realise that even the smallest things cost more than expected, and possibly more than you budgeted for. Understandably though you probably don’t want to miss certain aspects out entirely – after all, what would your guests say if you didn’t have a starter with your wedding meal!

Thankfully there are plenty of areas where you can save money when planning your wedding. And what’s more, your guests will never know.

The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is often the centrepiece of the reception room so you need it to make a statement. You don’t need it to cost a fortune though. A lot of small cake-making businesses make stunning wedding cakes for half the price of a commercial enterprise and at the end of the day their cakes taste just as nice.

Alternatively you could ask a talented friend to make your cake as your wedding gift. A lot of brides opt for a pyramid of cupcakes instead of a tiered cake these days as it means they can save on the cost of a professional cake. If your friends vary the icing on the cupcakes and have decorations to match your colour scheme then nobody will notice the fact that you don’t have a traditional cake.

The Invites and Table Decorations

Wedding invitations in particular are rarely kept after the actual wedding day so why spend hundreds of pounds having them professionally designed and printed. Visit your local craft shop and buy a kit to make your own or better still learn some basic origami and send invites that will be remembered for years to come.

The same goes for your wedding table decorations. Why hire when you can make? Your table decorations are a great way to make your reception unique, and with the help of a few friends you can easily create something that will make your tables memorable – and all for a few pounds.

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The Wedding Outfits

It’s understandable that a lot of wedding couples want to buy their wedding outfits and keep them as mementos of their big day. This can be a huge expense though, eating deep into your wedding budget.

Wedding outlet stores are an excellent place to shop if you want to keep your dress/tux after your wedding day. These stores have thousands of wedding dresses and tuxedos at severely marked down prices, simply because they are ‘last season’ so to speak. You might have to search hard for clothing you like (particularly your dress) in the size you need as very few styles come in a range of sizes.

The alternative is to hire your wedding dress and formal suit for your big day. This option is much cheaper than buying and unless you tell them, your guests will never know. You still get your fairy tale day but save a few thousand pounds in the process.

The Reception Food

If you’re having quite a big wedding reception in the evening then you’ll probably plump for a buffet meal. Even so this can still turn out to be quite expensive. Large numbers of guests are better served with a hog roast and a smaller buffet. A hog roast is always a popular option with guests because they can have two or three hot pork rolls each, accompanied by a few bits from the buffet. Hog roasts cost around £400 which may seem like a lot, but when you compare this to a full buffet for 100+ guests you’ll find it works out much cheaper per head.

The Timing of your Wedding

If you don’t have a particular date in mind for your wedding then why not consider a winter wedding. A lot of hotels offer discounted winter wedding packages just to make the most of the entire year. For example, a full wedding package in the summer (May to August) might cost you £6000 however the same wedding in the winter could be as cheap as £4000. You could even have a Christmas wedding with a tree and decorations.

The only drawback to a winter wedding is the possibility of bad weather for your photos but if you choose a venue where you can take nice indoor photos then this isn’t really a problem.

So, as you can see there are numerous areas where you can easily save money when planning your wedding. Making items such as invitations, decorations, the cake etc. will save you hundreds of pounds, meaning you’ll have a bit more spare for the all-important honeymoon.

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