iPhone 7: What the experts say

With the launch of the iPhone 7 already behind us here in the UK, we’ve decided to take a look at what some of the industry’s leading critics had to say about the new Apple flagship.

As ever, there is tension between the demand for high specifications and the desire for exquisite design.

“Apple’s new iPhone 7 isn’t game changing in terms of raw specifications, but its newly added camera on the 7 Plus, brighter screen with a wider colour gamut and the new A10 processor definitely makes this new beautiful looking handset hard to resist.”

Stef Murphy, TechNuovo.com

Much of the debate centres on whether the high-end tweaks to the iPhone 7 justify the difference in price tag compared to the iPhone 6.

“Let’s face it, Apple knows how to make great phones, and the foundations of the iPhone are excellent – that’s why so many millions are instantly sold each year – so it comes down to whether you want to buy the new iPhone, or can get most of the same benefits by paying a bit less.”

Gareth Beavis, TechRadar

MacWorld’s Ashleigh Allsop believes that the iPhone 7 will be a huge step forward for owners of older models, but that only time and future software updates can reveal whether the new features will be a success.

“We can’t give our final verdict on the iPhone 7 until we’ve spent more time with it, but we can say that we think it’s going to be an incredibly popular upgrade for iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S owners. That said, aside from the camera and the faster processor, both of which are really fine-tuning as the iPhone 6s’s offerings were already fantastic, Apple’s other new additions are on the underwhelming side when it comes to first impressions.” 

Ashleigh Allsop, MacWorld

There is a sense that the improvements to the iPhone 7 are not only exciting in terms of the current models, but provide a tantalising glimpse of developments that could be in the pipeline.

“The new and improved cameras, home button, zippy processor and better battery life will answer the needs of a lot of fans – and simultaneously keep us wanting more.”

Rhiannon Williams, The Mirror.

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As for the controversial exclusion of a headphone jack from the iPhone 7, the Telegraph’s James Titcomb decides it isn’t a huge problem.

“For me, it’s still the best phone you can buy, and its iOS 10 operating system is a brilliant leap forward in software terms, but it’s not the upgrade we’ve hoped for.

“As for the headphone jack, the risk was that it would be a dealbreaker for many. Frankly, it isn’t: I can’t imagine many people giving up on their iPhones because of it. The change, as with the new home button, point to Apple’s wireless, button-less future, and the eagerly awaited iPhone 8.

“If you’re on the lookout for a new phone – at the end of a contract, for example – the iPhone 7 comes highly recommended, especially if you take tons of photos.”

James Titcomb, Telegraph.

Senior Technology Reporter at the IBTimes Alistair Charlton sees the headphone jack as a power move by Apple to set the agenda, and seems convinced they will emerge unscathed. The overall impression is, again, one of the iPhone making significant steps forward rather than leaps.

“Evolutionary not revolutionary is the order of the day for the iPhone 7. It carries the same design and basic features over from the 6S and two-year-old 6, but with just enough Apple polish and hype to make it a worthy successor.

“The new quad-core processor produces a noticeable performance boost, while the cameras are Apple’s best yet and waterproofing is welcome if not groundbreaking. The iPhone 7’s new motionless Home button feels strange at first, but you soon learn to love the subtle bumps, taps and vibrations created by the improved Taptic Engine underneath.

“Removing the headphone jack is the kind of bet only Apple could pull off, and while we’re in for a messy year or two of adapters and patchy Bluetooth, it will ultimately be laid to rest next to the floppy disk drive and CD ROM, and simply forgotten about.”

Alistair Charlton, IBTImes

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