Must-follow Twitter accounts for intrepid travellers

If you haven’t yet joined the Twitterati, a quick disclaimer – Twitter is not just for celebrities who like posting pictures of their pets, and bitter internet trolls who like abusing said celebrities.

Those already on the bandwagon will know Twitter is a genuinely useful tool for all sorts of reasons – following the news, keeping in touch with friends, curating content from other places on the internet. It is also great if you want to get tips on something in particular, such as travelling or planning a holiday.

There are a lot of in-the-know people on Twitter who like sharing the things they know about. So why not tap into that pool of knowledge and glean what you need?

Here are some of the best travel orientated Twitter feeds to follow if you’re looking for some handy tips and advice as you plan your next adventure.


There are no secrets about what you get from a Lonely Planet Twitter feed – loads of links to destination guides, best of lists, and stunning photography to make you dream of foreign climes. If adding to your travel bucket list is what you want from a Twitter feed, Lonely Planet is a must to follow. And if you like to keep up to speed with the latest in travel news, try out the @lptravelnews feed as well.


You would expect the editors of a leading travel website that focuses on tips and reviews to deliver a pretty helpful Twitter account, and the pros at Independent Traveller do not disappoint. With plenty of links to ‘How To’ blogs and Top 10 listicles from the Independent Traveller site itself, the Twitter feed also does a good job retweeting interesting stuff from other sites, with a nice angle in highlighting hidden gems from all over the world.


Hands up if tips on how to avoid altitude sickness when trekking the mountains of Bolivia sounds like your kind of travel advice. Yes? Then you probably want to be following Intrepid Travel’s Twitter. Run by a company which specialises in adventure holidays, most posts are of the destination guide variety (with a fair percentage concerning food if that’s your thing), but delve a little deeper and you can find gems like ‘How to travel like BBC’s Planet Earth’. Get adventuring!


American TV and radio host Rick Steves is also a guidebook author and a serious travel enthusiast. His Twitter feed is mostly dedicated to his love of everything to do with travel, with reposts of his own travel guides and plenty of interesting advice curated from elsewhere on the web. For example, how about a link to a map of every top tier football club in Europe, if taking in a game is your thing? Or advice on the benefits of travelling solo?


Keith Jenkins is the brains behind the Velvet Escape travel blog, a first class blog that does all the things you would expect from a professional travel site – reviews of destinations, hotels and eateries the world over plus, you guessed it, plenty of travel tips and Top 5 and Top 10 lists. The man who ended up founding his own travel company generates enough content of his own to keep a Twitter feed ticking over. But being the true travel nut he is, he also loves reading everyone else’s blogs, and has an eye for really interesting Things To Do In and suggested itinerary type posts.


The author of popular travel blog Nomadic Chick, Jeannie Mark lives the story all closet adventurers dream of. In 2010 she quit her job, sold her earthly possessions, bought a one way ticket to India, and has been travelling ever since. Avoiding the urge to use her blog as a vehicle to continually boast about how great her life is and post endless jealousy-inspiring photos (although there are plenty of those), Jeannie actually gives something back to the travel community. Most of her posts take an advisory slant – whether it be where to eat and what to see in any given location, or tips on staying safe as a female traveller and even what books to read.


Travel writer Ramsey Qubein sure is a busy man. Working as a travel journalist for the likes of the BBC, USA Today and Afar, he clocks up an astounding 350,000 air miles a year – and still has time to post little vignettes and pointers on a daily basis. The tips range from the helpful (how to spruce up your travel photos) to the quirky (unusual items you can get from hotel room service), and there is plenty of other travel related news and chat besides.


Former flight attendant Sally-Ann Brown didn’t give up her wanderlust when she left the cabin behind to have a family – she started blogging about how to travel with children instead. This Twitter account is the feed for two blogs she runs, Toddlers On Tour and Tips 4 Trips. Sally does an excellent job using Twitter to curate all sorts of tips and advice on various aspects of travel, often with a family angle. Great if you are planning on jetting off with young children. @traveltips4trip, 2.2K followers.

So there you have it…

…with the right accounts to follow, you can turn your Twitter feed into a hub for all the travel information, tips and advice you are ever likely to need. Whether you want to keep up to date with the thoughts and opinions of a major travel franchise like Lonely Planet, get the lowdown on some of the best travel blogs on the web, or want to get the very best out your next adventure holiday or family vacation, there is always a Twitter feed out there ready to help.

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