The iPhone

Our top 5 iconic models!

With new iPhones launching soon, we thought it would be good to count down our top five most iconic models from the tech giant.

Apple will be live streaming its iPhone event online via its website. You can watch everything unfold from 6pm tonight using this link

On to our top 5 iPhones:

5. iPhone 4

Enter Retina display! The iPhone 4 boasted a new glass body and a massively increased screen pixel count on a 3.5-inch display. It was also the first iPhone with a front-facing camera, multitasking, and support for FaceTime.

4. iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 boasted a thinner design and an extended display size with more pixels on a 4.7-inch screen. It also had a faster camera, processor, and improved Wi-Fi plus Apple Pay was born!

3. iPhone 3GS

The 'S' was for speed! The iPhone 3GS started Apple's quest for faster performance with an improved processor and better battery life. It is also our favourite design to date and it had, wait for it, copy-and-paste functionality.

2. iPhone X

The iPhone X ushered in a few big changes. Its crowning feature was an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch "Super Retina HD" OLED display (a mouthful, we know). Gone was the home button and Touch ID in favour of facial scanning with Face ID.

1. iPhone 2G

Where it all began! The iPhone 2G launched in 2007 with a 3.5in multi-touch display and a 2MP camera. Although revolutionary at launch, it didn’t have 3G connectivity, third-party apps, GPS, and video recording. Despite those weaknesses, we still love it!

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