Look smart, play smart! Ranking the Premier League’s brand new 2016/17 kits

We cast an eye over the upcoming season's new shirts

We are so ready for the football to come back. So, so ready.

Amazing goals, last-minute winners, defeating your rivals…we love every second. What’s the most exciting part of a new season, you ask? Nope: it is not the new signings (even if they cost £100m). It is very much the kits.

We’ve analysed 20 new kits for the 2016/17 season – both home and away, and all of which you can purchase through our retail partners – and ranked them as a combination accordingly.

So, here’s our (completely un)definitive list:

1. Tottenham

Top of the pick with two proper kits for Tottenham fans to celebrate this year, both of which are modern, stylish and generally quite excellent. The home shirt won’t provide too many thrills, but the navy and gold on the neck/cuffs immediately stands out. The away shirt, well, this is where things begin to heat up. It is truly exceptional. The deep navy offsets the gold trim so, so nicely. It’s tidy, clean and by our reckoning the best effort by any team this season.

2. Bournemouth

It’s not an exciting youthful team that makes Bournemouth an established Premier League club. No: it is these two kits. They have well and truly arrived on the big stage. Those vertical stripes on the home shirt are simple but stylish, much more so than last season’s version, and the away kit ticks the ‘fun’ box like all second strips should. Two corkers.

3. Liverpool

The yellowy/gold detailing on the home kit is a marked improvement on last season’s rather bland effort, and take notice of the feint horizontal stripes of which we’re big fans. New Balance have used the programme from Liverpool’s first European triumph in 1977 as inspiration for the away strip, which is really sharp with silver details and red stripes.

4. Arsenal

First up: we are not going to mention that Arsenal are 4th in this list. Ahem. No matter what happens this season, Gunners supporters can take comfort in two really pleasant kits. The home shirt is a typical Arsenal strip with the added detail of a rather dashing stripe down the middle. The away top is one of the better jerseys this season: that yellow and grey striping on the sleeves is a delight. A good, if not winning, effort.

5. Chelsea

A tale of two shirts for Chelsea this season. The home kit is a certified Top 4 contender; the decision to dot lions across the top is, in hindsight, a truly genius move. The away kit is…different. Lime green detailing on plain black make things sound worse than they are – it’s not quite luminous after all – but it’s a far cry from 15/16’s effort. Room for improvement on and off the pitch for the Blues.

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6. Man United

United have designed both kits this season with a nod to their illustrious past. The two-tone colour scheme present on the home jersey is a tribute to Newton Heath, and while far from bad it does fail to live up to last season’s excellent design. The away strip is a significant change from anything we’ve seen from the Red Devils in recent years, and this makes for a nice surprise. The deep blue colouring will be a grower, particularly when sported by £100m man Paul Pogba.

7. Everton

Last season’s kits are best left consigned to the rubbish bin of yesteryear: that two-tone green monstrosity is giving us nightmares to this very day. These two, however, are much better. The home shirt especially is a great effort: the dark Everton blue with a smattering of yellow is very appealing. The away strip won’t win many awards but still does a job. People may say that pink doesn’t work on a football kit, but these people are extremely wrong.

8. West Ham

West Ham kits have stuck to a very similar blueprint in recent times, and let’s be honest: it is a winning formula. The home shirt is good – although the collar is somewhat perplexing – but the away top feels slightly lacklustre. They’re far from a terrible effort, but with a shiny new stadium awaiting The Hammers we were expecting a little more.

9. Man City

The template design for both Man City kits isn’t new: we saw them everywhere during Euro 2016. Even still, the home colours are nice and full marks have to be given to the fetching combination of offset sleeves and sky blue body. However, we really do need to talk about that away kit: burgundy, yellow, black and red. It’s a no from us.

10. Southampton

Well. WELL. We have to pay some (one) compliment to Southampton, and it is this: at least they took a bit of a risk. The problem with risks, though, is that they quite often backfire. Which leads us nicely to these two kits. The design feels far too cluttered, particularly when you look at that rather strange white chest patch on the home shirt. One (small) positive is that the away strip is definitely the nicer of the two. Perhaps they can just organise all their matches away from St Mary’s?

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