Proposing on Valentine’s Day – corny or classic?

Real life tales from those who've tasted the highs and lows

It’s the age-old question; is proposing on Valentine’s Day corny or romantic? On one hand, it’s dubbed as the most romantic day of the year, a day to celebrate the special someone in your life, so why not make it even more special? On the other, it’s predictable and a proposal on Valentine’s Day could be seen as cliché and quite frankly, vomit-inducing. Do a straw poll of your friends and you may find many of them wince at the thought of Valentine’s Day proposals, but is this sentiment universal?

Well, according to a rather large survey on the topic of love by Chillisauce, 23% of women actually want their man to put a ring on it on Valentine’s Day but of the men quizzed, a third think Christmas Eve is the best time to pop the question. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is one of the least popular days for proposals with only 12% of us getting engaged on the day.

And in the view of relationship coach and author of the book ‘Your Feminine Roadmap To His Commitment,’ “when it comes to matters of the heart, there is no right or wrong,” says Sami Wunder.

Well, that’s that settled then.

So, if you’re thinking of proposing on Valentine’s Day or a different day altogether, here’s some real proposal stories to get your creative juices flowing.

Friday 13th

“When I was 19, I went to a beer festival in Clapham with a group of friends and my girlfriend. After a few too many, my girlfriend and I got into a heated discussion about where our relationship was going which ended up with me saying that I had thought about buying her an engagement ring for Valentine’s Day. She asked me why I hadn’t and I responded by saying I didn’t think she’d say yes. She then said there was only one way I’d find out, so I asked her. She said yes, whereupon one of my friends jumped up on a stage, grabbed the microphone and announced to the entire beer festival that we’d got engaged. We were duly toasted by the 100+ attendees. The next day was Valentine’s Day and we went to Covent Garden and chose some rings. We stayed together for another couple of years (with several break-ups and make-ups along the way) but we never made it to the aisle. Moral of the story, don’t propose to your girlfriend after too many festival ales, when it’s Friday 13th.”

David, London.

Winter of love

“My husband took me to top of the mystical Brocken Mountain in Germany. I was totally unprepared and under-dressed for the snow, so we gulped down a vodka shot to gather some heat. Then amidst the snow, he asked me to close my eyes, sprayed a big red heart all around me, called it our “little love universe” and then got down on his knees with the most beautiful Sapphire ring ever. Of course, I said yes.”

Sami Wunder, UK.

Sure, a mountain proposal is dramatic...but an icy cliff proposal in the wrong footwear is pure Hollywood.

The joys of spring

“My partner and I go to Ibiza every spring and we’d talked a lot about weddings before our trip, so I thought, maybe it’ll be this time? We get to Heathrow and he says, let’s look at Tiffany’s. A beautiful bow necklace catches my eye – I love it and go to put it back but my partner says, no, we’ll take it! I was thrilled, but think that’s it, no proposal this holiday! We arrive at our hotel and he says, you’ve got 10 minutes, so go freshen up. We arrive at the marina and walk along the jetty to a beautiful little sun seeker boat decorated with red blankets and pillows and a huge bouquet of red roses and pink champagne. We get on but it’s turned cloudy and has started to rain, so the driver suggests driving us further out. Eventually we arrive at a beautiful calm bay and the clouds actually part – I’m not making it up! My partner disappears into the galley, returns with a Tiffany box, and gets down on one knee. I remember thinking – I must listen hard and remember what he says as people will ask me afterwards, but the truth is I can’t remember a thing. I just remember saying yes as fast as I could and then putting the ring on and grinning like an idiot.”

Anon, Essex


“For my 30th birthday, my boyfriend James arranged a surprise weekend in Edinburgh. As we walked around the castle, he suggested we sit and take in the view. He handed me a book called ‘Mr & Mrs Smith—The First Chapter’ which started with the story of how we came to be together. Each page had photos and text and followed our relationship through. On the last page, it said he loved everything we had done together and was looking forward to the next chapter. The last words asked me to marry him which I could no longer read as I was so choked and then thrust in front of my face was a stunning Tiffany emerald ring. I eventually found the words to say yes and the rest of the day was just beautiful. It was Halloween, the streets were awash with monsters, ghouls, witches, goblins and other spooky characters and we started the evening on a hilarious ghost tour of the city made even more fun by the secret I was dying to tell every stranger I met.”

Marie, Singapore

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