Get the look! ‘Space age’ festival chic

Amazing guest blogger, Poppy Dinsey, on the summer's hottest look

As you’ll no doubt have noticed from the influx of tasselled kimonos and gladiator sandals on the high street, festival season is very much upon us.

Personally, I like to avoid the boho-chic festival look as it can feel a bit done to death sometimes. I’ve written many a fashion story from the festival front line (a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it) and I can assure you that there are only so many flower power outfits you can see before they all begin to look the same.

So for this look I’ve gone for a bit of a space age theme. Partly because this year’s Bestival theme is “The Future”, but also because I think metallic shininess is always a good idea.

Let’s start with the key piece for any British summer look – a rain coat. Nobody wants it to rain during a festival weekend but at least if it does you’d be well prepared with this Paper Metallic Mac from Topshop (£39). If you get lucky and the rain clouds stay away, it’s still a winner as an extra layer and it looks amazing. (Plus people can spill drinks on you without it ruining anything!).

For a top I’m going to suggest this shiny sequin tee by Daisy Street (£29.99). I fundamentally believe that any day is made better by wearing sequins, so even if you have slept in the mud and have the hangover from hell you can still shine bright like a diamond as you emerge bleary eyed from your tent.

I’m going to stick with the sequin theme for shorts. Denim hot pants are a festival staple year after year and these ripped up mermaid-esque ones by Moto (£38) are about as brilliant as a pair of shorts can be. They *are* short, but they will actually cover your bum cheeks which is always a lovely rare treat in a sea of festival flesh.

Wellies and strappy sandals are touted as the footwear of choice for festivals but through years of trial and error I’ve come to the conclusion that trainers are your best bet. If it’s not a swamp of mud then wellies are just too cumbersome for the majority of festivals when you’re on your feet all day. Sandals may look cute but are hideously impractical, as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to dance by the Main Stage without having your bare toes trampled to smithereens by fellow ravers. Trainers are comfy (you walk a lot more than you think at festivals) and if you get a nice pair like these wicked silver New Balance ones (£69) then they’ll be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, too.

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You’ll want a decent rucksack for lugging all your gear to the campsite and I love love LOVE this silver one by Hype (£25). Then once you’re settled in to your new tenty home I’d recommend switching to a bum bag to just keep your most important valuables with you. This galaxy print one by Spiral (£10) is out of this world. *Groan*.

Phones used to be taken to festivals to make sure you could find your mates, now we cling to our phones for Instagram as much as anything else. But I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that phones run out of battery ludiscorusly fast at the best of times, so you need to be prepared during a festival. Keep your phone in low power mode and bring a portable charger unit like this lovely gold one by Skinnydip (£16). You should be able to find a place to re-charge both your phone *and* the charger while you’re there, but be prepared for queues!

Festivals are of course a great excuse for crazy make-up and face paint, so I would DEFINITELY invest in these gem stickers from Topshop (£7.50) for an IRL Snapchat filter vibe. Save them for the last day when you need a bit of a boost. They’re a proper mood lifter and a lot easier to apply than a decent cat eye flick after three days on the cider.

Sticking with the beauty theme, you will obviously want to bring some dry shampoo. It’s the infamous festival beauty staple. I’d recommend taking a bottle of COLAB Extreme Volume in the Monaco scent (£4.49) as it smells fantastic and will do magical things to your roots. If it’s good enough for brand founder and blogger extraordinare Ruth Crilly (aka A Model Recommends), then it’s def good enough for my tresses!

Lastly, I’m going to suggest you pack a snazzy hip flask. What festival look would be complete without one?! This holographic one by Skinnydip (£15) will complete your sensational space age look and allow you to save a bit of cash on drinks once you get there. You should always pack your own vodka after all, that’s just a basic life skill.

Happy festival-going!


This post was written by award-winning fashion blogger, Poppy Dinsey. You can read more of her work on or give her a follow on Instagram & Twitter.

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