Stack savings like a pro with Zeek and Quidco

This clever hack could save you hundreds of pounds every year

As a Quidco member, you’re most definitely savvier than the average shopper. However, it’s possible you’re still leaving some of your hard-earned cash on the table. That’s where Zeek come in – a money-saving hack that involves discounted gift cards. 

Zeek turns gift cards into savvy savings

Zeek sells gift cards for hundreds of leading brands at face value discounts (it’s also one of our most popular payout bonus options). For example, right now you can get Debenhams gift cards at 5% off and Topshop at 12% off. The trick is you’re not going to give them as a gift – you’re going to use them yourself as a payment method to save money on your shopping.

Using Zeek is simple. You choose the value of gift cards you need to cover your purchase, pay, then your digital gift card code is delivered straight to your “wallet”.

Once that’s done you simply shop as normal, but pay using your discounted gift card code – you just pop it in a box on the payment page. You’ll also earn cashback for purchases you make on Zeek for even more savings. The power move is to combine with a retailer’s cashback through Quidco for a triple saving!

Enjoy a payout bonus with Zeek 

Did you know you can withdraw your Quidco cashback earnings as an e-gift code to spend on Zeek? Now we’re getting to expert level shopping, where savings feed into more savings!

Once you’ve generated enough Quidco cashback, you can withdraw your earnings to Zeek via the Payments page, earning a nice pay-out bonus (at the moment it stands at a tidy 15% top-up) that’s ready to spend on any of the hundreds of gift cards brands on the Zeek website and app.

Head to the Payments page on Quidco to unlock your Zeek payout bonus!


How to Maximise Your Savings with Quidco and Zeek

That was a lot of information to take in, so let’s break down the ultimate Quidco-Zeek saving cycle step by step:

  1. Withdraw your earned Quidco cashback with Zeek and grab a 15% bonus.
  2. Buy discounted gift cards for big brands anything from 2 to 20% off.
  3. Use the Quidco retailer link when you spend your gift card to earn cashback.
  4. When you’ve generated enough cashback, withdraw with Zeek and start again at Step 2!

Stacking savings is the key to savvy shopping!


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