A nine-step guide to throwing the best Super Bowl or Rugby Six Nations party

Sports fans who are missing last year’s Football World Cup will be excited about two of the year’s most exhilarating events: the Rugby Six Nations and the Super Bowl. Dry Jan is over and February is forecasted to be a carnival of rugby shirts, shoulder pads, pubs and cheering.

What better way to celebrate the game than having friends around for a sporty party? Super Bowl parties have been going in the USA for as long as anyone can remember, and have started to creep across the Atlantic as Brits have founded an interest in American Football. Six Nations, on the other hand, is the oldest rugby tournament in the world, dating as far back as 1882 — and it’s still going stronger than ever.

Here’s an easy nine-step guide to help you host a next-level Super Bowl or Six Nations party. We’ve also collected a few retailers, just in case you need to make some purchases before the big event. And, as always, if you follow the links from this site to the retailer’s, you can earn cashback on your items.

  1. Know the rules

Whether you’re hosting a party, going to a party or just visiting the pub for the game, you’re likely to want to know the rules of each of the sports. Not only will this maximise your enjoyment of the game, but will prevent the situation of everybody groaning at a foul while you’re sitting there wide-eyed and confused.

Fortunately, American football and rugby are fairly similar games, so as long as you get your head around one, it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand the other. The aim of both sports is to move the ball down the pitch to the other team’s endzone, ultimately scoring a touchdown or a try.

Of course, the rules are more complex than that for both games. You will also want to have a basic knowledge of the positions the players take up. Here are the rules for American football and rugby in more detail.

     2. Get the dates right

If you’re planning a party, you need to get the dates right so that your guests know when to pencil it in the calendar and you have time to prepare. The Super Bowl takes place on the 3rd February at 23:30 p.m. and goes on until the early hours of the morning. It’s late in the night due the different time zone between the UK and the US. It may even be a good idea to book the Monday off work. Alternatively, you can record the game, avoid hearing about the results at all costs, and watch it at a more comfortable time.

The Six Nations, on the other hand, starts on the 1st February and ends on 16th March, and all but one of the games (the first one is on a Friday evening) are played on the weekends. This means that you have plenty of opportunities to host a get-together. Here are the fixtures, so you can see on what dates your country is playing.

Super Bowl catch

    3. Choose your team

Watching sport is immeasurably more fun when you’re supporting a team. This is easy when you’re watching the Six Nations — just support your country’s team. British viewers watching the Super Bowl might want to support the underdog, or do some research into the teams.  

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      4. Make sure you’ve got the right equipment

To really get the most out of the games, you’re going to want to have a good viewing experience for you and your friends. It may be the perfect time to invest in that new TV. Rugby and American football is now filmed in such high resolution that if you have the television to match it, the picture detail can be astonishing.

Quidco offers cashback on technology retailers such as Currys — plus there are usually a few good deals to boot. If you want to splash out and get the ultimate viewing experience, how about a Samsung 75 inch Smart 4K Ultra HD TV? It’s one of the best TVs on the market right now, and a Currys’ experts’ favourite. Or if you’re a bit more of a budget, check out the LG 43 inch 4K Smart TV for £329.99.

      5. Get the food prepared

The Super Bowl goes hand-in-hand with food. In the US, it’s a matter of platters. We’re talking buffalo wings, sliders, nachos, dips, and anything else you can tear into with your hands. Your guests don’t want to have to concentrate on eating with a knife and fork when their eyes are glued to the screen. It’s meant to be messy, salty and tasty. For a wide collection of recipes and inspiration, delish have put together a mouth-watering menu.

Although food is more closely associated with the Super Bowl, there’s no reason why a Six Nations party can’t be equally delicious. Have a look at BBC goodfood’s selection of big game recipes, from salmon scotch eggs to halloumi fries. High-quality ingredients for the dishes mentioned can be found at Sainsbury’s, where you can also get cashback on your purchases through Quidco.

Buffalo wings

     6. Or, order a takeaway

Making a large platter for your guests can be fun, but it takes time and effort, and may involve you in the kitchen while the game is on. To ensure that you also get maximum enjoyment out of the sports, why not treat yourself to a takeaway? It just makes things quicker and easier.

With Just Eat, you can basically order any cuisine you like, served by a host of nearby restaurants, from trendy fusion dishes to homely British meals. What’s more, they’re partnered up with Quidco, so you can earn cashback on your munch.

      7. Get the drinks in

Now, watching the Super Bowl and the Six Nations just isn’t the same without the presence of a certain yeasty friend: beer. Here, you can go classic cans and bottles. Or, if you want to minimise wastage and have less to clear up after, a 5 litre keg could be the way to go. This should keep your guests going.

It doesn’t just have to be about beer, however. If you’re after a drink with a little more razzmatazz, consider making some cocktails. When watching the big game, you’re going to want to serve cocktails that can be premixed and poured from a large pitcher, so you can enjoy the game without having to pop back to the kitchen every time somebody is thirsty. For inspiration and recipes, look no further than mixthatdrink.com.

When it comes to big games, it’s a good idea to be well stocked before hand. After all, many of your guests may want to celebrate the victory or drown their sorrows in defeat. Instead of taking a laborious trip to the supermarket, order the booze online, so it’s delivered to your door, ready in time for the big game. We recommend drinksupermarket.


      8. Have everything disposable (but eco friendly)

The Super Bowl and the Six Nations can be a messy affair. With all the jumping and cheering, there’s a highly possible chance that things can be spilt or, worse, smashed. Instead of sacrificing your crockery to the carnage, we’d recommend investing in disposable plates and cutlery. 

“But these are bad for the environment!” We hear you. That’s why, with certain Quidco partners, you can buy eco-friendly disposable plates and cutlery. This way, you can save your nice chinaware and the environment and earn cashback. Online retailer Etsy offer sturdy, high-quality plates and cutlery, made from fallen palm leaves.

      9. Have activities for guests who aren’t into the sport

For people who don’t like the Six Nations and the Super Bowl, a whole party centred around one of these events can be a rather dry slog. And nobody wants their guests to feel bored. To make sure everybody is accommodated, have a separate area or room where people can play board games or video games. This can also be great for any children at the party.

In need of a couple of board games? Popular book merchant Waterstones offers all kinds of fun, in the form beloved classics such as Monopoly and Scrabble to new and exciting games such as Pointless.

With these tips, you’re sure to host a wonderful Super Bowl or Six Nations party. Don’t forget, get your supplies — whatever they be — through Quidco and you could earn cashback!

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