The top 20 UK personal finance heavyweights on Twitter

Be in the know that to these top tweeters

If you believe the headlines Twitter is either a platform for presidential candidates to trade weekly slurs, an ideal place to shout abuse at z-list celebrities or a constant feed of warring football fans.

Thankfully, while the nation’s sensationalist tabloid sub-editors aren’t completely off the mark, it’s also so much more…

Betwixt the mundane trending topics, the trolling nutcases, the spambots and the idiosyncratic chatter of the great unwashed there’s actually a lot of fascinating fellows worth following.

For money savers in particular, the opportunity to get the latest news, offers and advice straight from market leading websites, informed journalists and resourceful bloggers is a real fillip.

Saving you the time and effort of finding these tip-top tweeters yourself, the team at Quidco Discover runs through 20 of the best…


Hannah, who is the editor at, is a great source for breaking deals, vouchers and money saving news. Particularly good follow for food and drink discounts!


Claiming to be a one-stop shop for breaking news, insightful comment and handy advice on all money matters the team at are true to their word.


Set up by the government provides unbiased advice, tools and information on managing money. Useful resource for tax, mortgage and insurance news.


Predominantly publicising the excellent articles on their blog, the team tweeting for are also good for financial news updates.


Peter Millikin’s blog is popular for a reason – it’s because he knows his stuff. Many tweets are personal but in addition to his site’s blogs there are also useful retweets of other worthy articles.


The very personable creator of award winning website tweets on all manner of subjects from fashion to finance and was the winner of the 2011 Cosmopolitan Best Lifestyle Blog.


Blogger for along with @KateNaylor1, thrifty Jen tweets updates on sales and voucher codes as well as useful article links.


No money saving Twitter list would be complete with the master himself. The brains behind, which he sold to Money Supermarket for £87 million, Martin Lewis is the country’s most famous personal finance guru.


Editor of the Guardian money website, Hilary Osborne has considerable journalistic experience in the personal finance arena. She tweets in a personal capacity.


A financial expert who blogs on her self-titled website and, Jasmine regularly tweets interesting financial titbits. She’s written 38 books!


Great deals, great advice, insightful blog links and more. Money Magpie is one of the most useful Twitter follows for those looking to put a little extra cash in their pocket.


Sarah Pennells, the founder and editor of, a finance website to help women get more from their money is a regular tweeter and always ready to interact with followers.


Financial agony aunt Annie Shaw writes for Saga and also founded She’s a veritable treasure trove of useful information.


Executive Head of Personal Finance at the Telegraph, Andrew’s tweets are predominantly news based and very opinionated.


Campaigning money journalist Jeff Prestridge is great at retweeting interesting financial news articles and has previously proved his charitable credentials by running 10 marathons in 10 days.


Deputy personal finance editor at the Telegraph, Richard Evans has his finger on the financial pulse and the tweet button.


Mortgage rates, petrol pump price rises and the banking crisis, financial PR and freelance money journalist Andrew Hagger covers it all.


He once described himself as a ‘hapless journalist and occasional goalscorer’ we’re happy to believe the latter, but can assure readers that the former Independent personal finance editor Simon Read certainly isn’t the former.

Financial journalist Paul Lewis has been running his self titled blog ( for over 18 years and has twice been crowned Headline Money Broadcast Journalist of the Year for his work on the BBC’s Money Box show. “My head capitalist; my heart socialist; my soul anarchist” is how he describes himself…

We could hardly write this article without a cheeky mention for the main @Quidco account which relays all the latest cashback and voucher deals and so much more…there’s even the odd cat meme.

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