Top 10 tips for budget stag and hen weekends

Enjoy a memorable night without breaking the bank

Asking for money from friends is never an easy task, especially when it comes to your stag or hen party; after all, you’re essentially asking them to spend money on celebrating you and your chosen itinerary! Whilst it would be amazing to have the ultimate stag or hen weekend away to exotic lands, not everyone will be able to afford it, so even if you can, it’s likely a lot of your friends can’t!

It’s important not to lose sight of the original purpose of a stag and hen party, which is to spend some quality time with your closest friends. Going for an expensive weekend, without taking into account what your friends can afford, will mean you will make the sacrifice of some of them not being able to attend.

If you’re stressing about what you can afford, there’s no need to! It’s amazing how much fun can be had at very little cost. Take a look at our top 10 tips on how to keep the costs down whilst still having a fantastic and memorable experience.

Stay in the UK

Rather than going abroad and spending money on flights, going for a stag or hen party in the UK will inevitably be cheaper; therefore ensuring that more of your friends will to be able to attend.

Stay in a house/cottage

By choosing to stay in a house or cottage, you’re likely to be spending most of your time there which will save you money on food and drink. Organise a big supermarket shop, on route to your accommodation, buying everything you’ll need for the weekend; from your breakfasts and dinners, to your drinks for your evening celebrations.

Consider hotel standard

Depending how much time you’re intending to spend in your accommodation, you might want to think about going for a lower cost hotel or even a hostel so you have more money to spend on activities.

Consider travel costs

Choosing to go somewhere up north when you and most of your friends live down south will have a huge impact on the cost, as you’ll need either a flight or a train to get there. Staying local not only brings travel costs down but also saves you time on travel, which leaves you more time for celebrations!

Choose a cheap destination

Some destinations are cheaper to visit than others; a summer hen party in Brighton, where everything is within walking distance and there is a beach to spend the day on, will be cheaper than one in London, which is expensive to travel around. Similarly, for stag parties abroad, Eastern Europe will be cheaper than a destination like Las Vegas.

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One Night Stay

Rather than going somewhere for two nights, where you’re likely to spend more money on accommodation, food and drink, opt for a one night stay. You can enjoy one big celebration for one night which everyone will be able to attend!

Activity Only

If money is really tight then you don’t have to stay overnight somewhere. Organise a really fun and unique activity which will stand out and provide some lasting memories.

Evening Only

Go out with a bang with one night only! Back in the days before all these extravagant weekend long stag and hen do’s, when going down the pub was the done thing, so why not take it back to the simpler times and enjoy a big night out with your friends? Just make sure it’s a little different to a usual Friday or Saturday night out!

Stay at Home

You can still have a brilliant and memorable time if you organise a stag or hen party at home. Have a BBQ, organise a poker night, get a takeaway and some films or throw a huge themed party. If you still want to add a special touch to staying at home, there are all sorts of experiences and activities which can be arranged to come to wherever you’re based!

Book early

The earlier you book, the better the deal you will get and the less you will have to pay out at any one time. If you book with a company such as Redseven, you can take advantage of the monthly instalment plan which makes it simple and easy for the payments to be split into months leading up to the event. This will automatically make it more affordable for everyone rather than paying out one lump sum.

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