Would you risk everything to create the home of your dreams? (Pt.1)

Meet Georgina & Andy who did exactly that!

Buying your first home can be challenging but when you take on an ambitious renovation project that goes beyond a standard ‘fixer-upper’, it can put a real strain on your relationship, well-being and bank balance. These home-owners risked everything to create the home of their dreams but don’t regret it.

Georgina & Andy: ‘We couldn’t resist the sweeping staircase’

When Georgina Burnett, property guru and founder of the YouTube Channel Property Porn, set out to find the perfect family home, she couldn’t resist a rundown Victorian property in Sevenoaks, London. With original period features and 3,000 square metres of space, it was everything she and her husband Andy Flawn, both 38, had hoped for. But it was damp, rundown and in need of some serious TLC.

Big ambition

“We knew this would be an ambitious project, but when we saw its sweeping staircase, we fell in love with it immediately” says Georgina.

Once construction work had started, Georgina became project manager, despite being five months pregnant to their daughter Bonnie.

“I just wanted to get stuck in, but as I was pregnant, Andy didn’t want me to go on the scaffolding and was being really protective,’ she says. “One night after leaving him with the baby, I stripped an entire wall under the light of my iPhone. I fought through back pain to strip the staircase and was so hormonal, I often burst into tears!”

A rollercoaster journey

“I exasperated Andy at times but I was determined to get the job done, laughs Georgina. We’re good are getting over arguments, thankfully!”

The house took 18 months to complete and they are putting the finishing touches to the interiors and garden but they’re over the moon with the result.

“It feels amazing”, says Georgina. “Whenever I have a soak in the bath, I take it all in and feel really proud of what we’ve achieved.”

Georgina & Andy’s Home Renovation Tips

Buy before you have a baby!

If it’s not possible to finish the property before you start a family, try and get as much support around you as you can.

Choose your builders carefully

Find builders that you really connect with and make sure they understand your vision. Get the plans down on paper before you start.

Get inspiration online

It can be difficult to visualise your dream home when the property looks like a wreck. Use interiors magazines and websites like Houzz and Pinterest for inspiration.

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