Would you risk everything to create the home of your dreams? (Pt.2)

Meet Eilidh and Andrew who did exactly that!

Buying your first home can be challenging but when you take on an ambitious renovation project that goes beyond a standard ‘fixer-upper’, it can put a real strain on your relationship, well-being and bank balance. These home-owners risked everything to create the home of their dreams but don’t regret it.

Eilidh & Andrew: ‘We wanted to create a Pinterest-inspired home’

When Eilidh, 27, and Andrew, 26, started property searching in Glasgow, they were inspired by modern interiors they’d seen on Pinterest but the couple, who work in insurance, took a huge leap of faith. They bought a run-down pensioners home that hadn’t been decorated in 40 years. Eilidh has documented the amazing transformation on her blog Maisy Meow and over on her YouTube channel.

Leap of faith

“We bought our house in 2015,’ says Eilidh. ‘It was built in the 1960s and was really worn out – it needed a lot of work.”

At £50,000 under their budget, Eilidh and Andrew decided to spend the extra cash on repairing the house and injecting it with the modern style they’d longed for. But it wasn’t all plain sailing.

“It was stressful,” says Eilidh. “Everything we budgeted for seemed to cost double what we expected. We were going to leave the radiators but once we modernised everything else, they stood out like a sore thumb. We later found out that the shower wasn’t hooked up properly to the boiler. That cost an extra £600 to fix. We took out a five-year loan, borrowed from our families and used all our savings and work bonuses to meet the extra costs. It was quite the leap of faith.”

Three months later, Eilidh and Andrew moved in and had their first baby, Oliver, now four months. They say they’re delighted with their dream home.

Eilidh and Andrew’s Home Renovation Tips

Always expect to go over budget

You’ll often find unexpected repairs that aren’t always obvious when you first buy your property. Be prepared for unexpected costs.

Find somewhere else to stay during the renovations

If you can find somewhere to stay during the house renovations, do – it will make the whole process easier. Stay with family or find a rented home with a flexible tenancy.

Be prepared to buy a rundown property

Moving into a rundown house isn’t for everyone, but if you take the leap of faith you can design it exactly how you want to. You’ll feel a real sense of satisfaction when it’s finished.

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