Every year, Black Friday means frantic clicking and scrolling in search of bargain laptops and discounted dishwashers. In the hunt for all those big-ticket items, it’s easy to forget that some of the best deals are on the little things. Black Friday is a great opportunity to stock up on everyday health and beauty items that will make you feel good inside and out. You’ll feel even better when you get them on sale, and as a Quidco member you’ll be earning cashback while you’re at it.

Not sure where to start? Our Black Friday Guide is here to help!

Who to Look  out for this Year in Health and Beauty

At Quidco, we’ve done a little research into which brands were offering the biggest deals last Black Friday. These are the merchants you should keep an eye on as it’s likely that some similar deals will crop up again this year.

One of the nation’s favourite high street chemist and cosmetic shop, Boots were offering some excellent discounts on 2017’s Black Friday, especially on aftershave and perfumes. Right in time for Christmas shopping. Hugo Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette 100ml was reduced from £62 to £35, for example. And you could snatch a Paco Rabanne One Million 50ml for just £38.50 — 40% off the original price.

Feel Unique, one of Britain’s most popular cosmetics brands were also offering out some great bargains. GHD hair straighteners were on sale with 30% off. It’s not just the pricier items that you can treat yourself to on Black Friday. Some of your everyday beauty essentials were half price, such as Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara at £3.50 and a classic Bourjois Little Round Pot blusher was going for £3.85. It’s wise to stock up on these items, even if you’re not going to use them immediately as it’ll save you money in the future.

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Buy Health Essentials in Bulk

You’d probably be surprised to discover how much you spend per month on things like sunscreen, vitamins, first aid supplies and OTC medications, especially if you’re buying for kids. Rather than grabbing whatever you see at the supermarket, use Black Friday as a chance to buy these must-have items in bulk at a discount.

When you buy online at a retailer like Boots you also get the benefit of reading reviews, which can help you make the best choice for your needs. Not to mention, shopping at Boots through Quidco gives you get the chance to earn cashback at the same time.

Figure Out Your Skin Type Before You Splash Out

Black Friday is a great opportunity to invest in expensive skincare, which is often marked down enough to become affordable. However, it’s important to be aware that not every expensive cream will be right for your skin, no matter how good it looks. Most skincare products are designed with a specific skin type in mind. One cream might be made for those with oily skin, while another might be just right for those with dry skin.

So don’t just buy at random — figure out your skin type first. If your skin is greasy when you wake up in the morning, chances are your type is oily. If even the richest creams sink in without a trace, your skin is likely dry. If scented products make you break out, you probably have sensitive skin.

Before you indulge in skincare this Black Friday, do your skin a favour and take a quick skin type quiz – there are plenty available online with a quick search. Then you can keep an eye out for products on sale which really will do what you want them to.

Grab Deals on Beauty Devices

Electronics are always deeply discounted on Black Friday, and this holds true when it comes to beauty. It’s the perfect opportunity to invest in a new hair dryer or upgrade your beloved straighteners — in 2017 you could find Dyson Supersonics and GHDs for unbelievably low prices.

Or perhaps it’s time to try something new? Every year new and exciting beauty innovations arrive online, from painless hair-removal devices to sonic cleansing brushes. is a great place to find Black Friday deals on these nifty little problem-solvers. As a Quidco member, you can also earn cashback with every purchase.

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Set Your Sights on Special Editions

In the run-up to Christmas, many major beauty brands will release limited-edition gift sets. These gift sets showcase a brand’s bestselling products, all wrapped up in packaging so pretty you won’t want to throw it away.

Gift sets provide a convenient way to try several products from one brand at once, without having to pay full price for each individual item. A beautifully-packaged set also makes a fantastic gift for the beauty lover in your life. At times, though, these special gift sets can still be a bit too expensive when you pay the recommended retail price. It’s a good thing we have Black Friday! Many retailers offer deep discounts on special edition gift sets during the sale period. Now’s your chance to get a look in!

Earn Cashback on Cult Items

All beauty aficionados know that trends come and go, but each year a precious few items achieve cult status. These are the items beloved not just by beauty bloggers, but also by ordinary people. They are the ones that get positive reviews across the board, because they offer something unique that can’t be rivalled by even the closest dupe.

Recent examples include Urban Decay’s Naked series and Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector. Unsurprisingly, these cult favourites tend to be on the expensive side. Black Friday brings them within reach for most of us. When you buy them at Cult Beauty you can save even more by earning cashback.

Freshen Your Fragrance Wardrobe

When setting their Black Friday discounts, retailers always keep in mind that you’re shopping for Christmas gifts around this time. That’s why popular gift choices are always heavily discounted during the sale period.

Fragrance, of course, is a classic gift. A nice bottle of perfume works just as well for a decades-old flame as it does for the new person in your life. When you shop for fragrance on Black Friday you can treat them to something special and save the extra to splurge on a festive night out.

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