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Top tips for Black Friday success

Black Friday is on the approach and we’re already getting excited. The massive post-Thanksgiving sale has grown beyond the US and is now a major event in the UK, too. You’ll find that many of your favourite retailers are offering massive discounts for Black Friday. As a Quidco member, you can save even more by earning cashback on all Black Friday purchases you make through our site.

Whether you’re looking for the latest must-have electricals, some new fashionable attire or the toy your child has been asking for all year, Black Friday is a great time to bag some top bargains. But you have to plan ahead. Check out our essential tips to make the most of your Black Friday shopping.

Make a Plan

The great thing about Black Friday is that many types of items are on sale, from laptops to shoes to kitchenware. It’s nice to have so much choice, but sometimes that leaves you confused about where to start! Be aware that certain products tend to be more heavily discounted than others. Electronics, for example, can be an absolute steal on Black Friday. If you’re looking for a new TV or laptop, Black Friday is a better bet than the January sales.

Another way to narrow down your options is to browse the full list of retailers who have partnered with Quidco to offer cashback. Make a list of all your favourites, then bookmark the Quidco page for each retailer in your web browser, so you can get back to them quickly when the sale begins, without wasting any time. This is also a great way to discover new places to shop. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite store?

It’s a good idea to make a budget and to note which items on your shopping list are the biggest priorities. Your budget doesn’t have to be small! Black Friday is a time when spending a lot means you’re saving a lot. If you want to be sure you have plenty of ready funds on Black Friday then make a budget well ahead of time, so you can start saving sooner. Once the sale starts, visit the Quidco pages of your priority retailers first, to get the best chance of scoring the items you really need.

Be speedy

In some instances, Black Friday deals can sell out in the matter of minutes, so you may need to be quick. Many brands will release their deals first thing on Friday morning — just after midnight. Therefore, it’s good idea to pull a late one on Thursday in order to be at the front of the queue and get those bargains quick.

That being said, some shops will drip feed their offers throughout the day, so try not to blow your whole budget within the first couple of minutes. If you see an item you really want that is not immediately discounted, it may well be in later in the day, so keep checking!

Get Organised

If you want to know ahead of time exactly which offers to expect, the best way is to sign up for newsletters from your favourite retailers. They will almost always announce the sale start time and end time via newsletter. Remember, though, that you won’t earn cashback if you follow the sale links in a newsletter. When it’s time to shop, come back to Quidco to complete your purchase through our site. If you’re splurging on a big purchase that’s now within reach thanks to the sale, it’s crucial to save as much as you possibly can.

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On Black Friday, an item can sell out before you even get the chance to click on it. Save yourself some precious time by creating accounts with shopping sites before the big day arrives. Making sure you’re logged-in wil l grab you an all-important extra minute. For extra convenience, take the time to bookmark your favourite items, or add them to your wish list ahead of time. At an online marketplace like eBay, you can save a huge variety of products from different sellers to one single wish list.

Check the returns policy


It’s easy to get swept up in the exciting deals of Black Friday and forget to check the important things, like the returns policy. When it comes to buying items online, often what arrives at your door either doesn’t fit or isn’t what you thought it would be. Double check the retailer’s returns policy. Retailers are not required to have one by law, but if they do have one, they’re legally obliged to stick to it. You normally have 30 days to return a product if you if it’s faulty.

Shop Wisely

Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts. If you’re one of those last-minute types, trust us, the sight of these bargains will turn you into a forward-planner in no time! Since so many different types of items are on sale, you can grab pressies for everyone all at once. Visit a department store to shop across several different categories on the same site. It’s also worth browsing online marketplaces where independent designers sell their goods. Here you can find personalised gifts that are made to order just for you but remain affordable thanks to a combination of Black Friday and Quidco cashback.

It’s also always worth shopping around for the best price. Since most retailers announce their discounts ahead of time, you can figure out in advance which items will be cheapest, especially when you factor in cashback. This is useful if you’re not looking for a single, specific item. Let’s say you need a new sofa, but you don’t have one make or model in mind. Or perhaps you need smart trousers for work, but it doesn’t really matter where they’re from? When you’re flexible, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping around.

Remember, Black Friday is not just a single day. Many retailers now begin their sales several days in advance of that Friday. The sale will often continue throughout the weekend. Some retailers also offer sales on the Monday, which they might call Cyber Monday. Discounts will occasionally increase as the sale continues on, especially if a retailer has over-ordered stock. Sometimes one retailer will put different product categories on sale on different days. To ensure your Black Friday is a success, keep your bargain-sensors tingling for at least a week!

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