Any Black Friday veteran knows that electronics are always in the spotlight during the big November sale. You’re likely to find more deals on tech than in any other category, so Black Friday is the perfect time to splash some cash on gadgets and gizmos. For Quidco members, Black Friday means even bigger bargains, since you can earn cashback on many sale purchases you make through our site.

Before you get busy shelling out those hard-earned pounds and pennies, you’ll want to make sure they’re going to the right place. Our Black Friday Guide to Electronics tells you everything you need to know to get the most bang for your buck.

Who to Look Out For in 2018

Based on some of the best deals that came out in 2017’s Black Friday, here’s who you should keep an eye on this year. Take these suggestions with a pinch of salt, as the same deals may not be around this year. Yet, these big brands offer consistent bargains year to year. offer all types of electrical goodies, from computers to kitchen appliances. Some of the stand out offers from the previous year’s Black Friday included 52% off a Nespresso coffee machine (down from £249 to a cheap and cheerful £119). It’s definitely a site to visit to get those Christmas presents.

Curry’s has always been a household favourite when it comes to Black Friday. Along with offering up to £500 off some specific TVs, they also offered £50 off a Galaxy Tab, reducing the cost from £229.99 to £179.99). Check out what deals Curry’s has on this year through Quidco, and earn cashback for your purchases.

GAME is the go-to retailer for that gamer in your life. Consoles and Games are a common present request during the holiday period, but they don’t come cheap. That’s why Black Friday provides a great opportunity to buy them without breaking the bank. Last year GAME offered massive discounts. In particular, you could save £95 on a PlayStation 4 500B bundle with FIFA 18, Gran Turismo Sport and Knowledge is Power.

2 people playing Fifa on PlayStation 4

Shop Big-Ticket, But Smart

On Black Friday, a lot of expensive electronics will be sold during what are known as ‘limited inventory doorbusters’. A doorbuster is a type of sale that entices buyers into a shop (or onto a website) by offering deep discounts on items which are usually too expensive to be affordable.

That often means big-ticket items like white goods (large, expensive items such as fridges and washing machines)  and other appliances. The catch is, only a limited quantity of each item will be available at a discount. Since the stock is small doorbusters are usually short, so you have to be sure you grab the deal before your time runs out.

Going for a doorbuster is a great way of getting hold of an item you could never afford at any other time of year. But don’t just blindly buy an item because you’re getting a thousand quid off the recommended retail price. Even though you might feel rushed by the urgent banners on a sale page, it’s important to do your research. Make sure the item is as high-quality as it seems and has the right features for your needs. There’s no point buying something with a lot of bells and whistles if you’re never going to use them.

Time for a New Telly?

Even in the hugely-discounted electronics sector, some discounts are bigger than others. Laptops and TVs are usually especially cheap on Black Friday. If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your telly or computer, spend a bit of time before the sale thinking about what you’re looking for.

4K TVs, for example, are cheaper than ever this year. The main reason we invest in a better TV is to get a better picture, so don’t settle for less than 4K if you don’t have to! Laptops, too, are rapidly improving their spec. You’re sure to find models which are much sleeker, faster and more capable than your existing device, but may be even cheaper than yours when it was new.

At you’ll find great deals on even the fanciest new TVs and laptops, and you can earn cashback while you’re at it.

Black tv with speakers

More Mobile for your Money

You will find lots of deals on smartphones and phone contracts on Black Friday, so if your contract has run out you should take the chance to get a new one at a ludicrously low price. Make sure you read the fine print though, as not all phone contracts are as great as they seem at first. You need to know how long you’re signing up for, and what the potential charges could be if you ever go over your limits.

Brand new phones are less likely to be on sale at this time. Everyone wants them so much anyway that there’s little incentive for retailers to discount them. If you really can’t live without the latest iPhone, though, now is the time to get it. You’d save even more money if you opted for a slightly older model. Also be aware that you’re likely to get better discounts from retailers than directly from a manufacturer’s website.

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