Black Friday might just be the best day of the year to shop for fashion. In fact, these days the sale often goes on for several days at a time, which is good news for fashionistas. It’s also convenient for mums shopping for kids who grow inches overnight. It’s even great news for the fashion-phobic, who’d rather buy a whole year’s worth of basics all at once.

On Black Friday, you can find big discounts on fashion that go further than on any other sale period. Quidco also offers cashback with a variety of fashion retailers, so you can stack your discounts and save even more. It’s well worth planning ahead then, to make sure you get the most out of the sale. Here’s our roundup of the best way to grab a fashion bargain — or several of them!

Which Retailers Look out for in 2018

We’ve taken a look at last year’s Black Friday deals in the fashion world to see which sites may offer the best deals this year. No promises here — these retailers may not do the same discounts as they did in 2017. Either way, definitely make a mental note and check in with the sites this Black Friday.

The trick with Black Friday is to look for the small print. Whereas some retailers will offer the same discount over every product, others will only offer money off on select items.

boohoo were one of the main highlights of 2017’s Black Friday, offering 50% everything (excluding items that were already on sale). This also included free delivery for the whole weekend, regardless of where you live. boohoo have been going from strength to strength  over the past few years, growing from Manchester’s best kept secrets to a main player in the UK’s fashion scene.

ASOS on the other hand, offered 20% off all items with free shipping. However, they also offered this same discount on items that were already on sale. So if you found a product that’s already discounted, you could buy it with another 20% off. Do this all through Quidco and you’ll get cashback on top of that. What a bargain!

Gap went a similar route. The international retailer offered 40% off everything and 25% off items on the sale, which meant everything came with a decent discount.

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Know What You Need

Start by taking a good long look at your wardrobe. Most of us tend to buy the same items over and over again because we’re instinctively drawn to things we like. That means there might be lots of repeats and several gaps in your clothing collection. Perhaps you own far too many bikinis and not a single cosy jumper.

Consider your wardrobe carefully and make a list of the things that are missing. Then ask yourself, do you have any special events or holidays coming up? Do you already know what you’re going to wear? If the answer is ‘no’ (as it usually is) then Black Friday is your chance to find out!

Know What You Want

Black Friday is the perfect time to try a new trend or refresh your look. The sale gives you a wallet-friendly opportunity to experiment. Check out fashion magazines and blogs to discover new styles you might like to try.

Many fashion blogs also publish Black Friday roundups with their pick of the best items on sale. These posts are a great way to get expert advice on looks to try. Be aware, though, that the specific pieces recommended in blogs are likely to sell out fast. Instead, you can use blogs to get an idea of what’s hot and then search for similar pieces in your favourite online stores.

Quidco members can earn cashback at Marks & Spencer, where you’ll find clothing that’s fashion-forward but also easy to wear for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Know Your Measurements

Don’t waste time wondering which size you should choose. The piece you want might be sold out by the time you decide! Instead, make sure you’ve taken your measurements beforehand. You’ll need to know the circumference of your chest or bust, waist and hips as well as your inseam.

Write down your measurements in advance, in both centimetres and inches. This will come in especially handy if you’re shopping for items you might not be able to return, like underwear.

Know the Returns Policy

Speaking of returns, it’s crucial to know what the returns policy is at any place you shop. Visit retailer websites to have a read in advance. Even when you’ve measured as accurately as possible, you might still buy a piece that looks a bit weird even though it fits.

If the place you’re shopping has a stringent returns policy, it’s more difficult to take a risk. Fortunately, many retailers have generous returns policies, including free postage for online returns.

ASOS is a great example – they even design their packaging so you can use it again to send items back. In such cases, you might like to order several sizes at once. You can try on the pieces in the comfort of your own home, then easily return the extras free of charge.

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Know What to Avoid

Though it might be tempting to buy like crazy, there are a few select items which you’re better off picking up at other times. Take winter accessories, for example. These tend to get marked down significantly over the course of the colder months.

Rather than buying an extra scarf on Black Friday, you might want to wait until February to pick one up. It will be ready and waiting for the next winter. Though if when Black Friday arrives you still haven’t got a single scarf in your wardrobe, go right ahead and snap one up for the sake of your health!

Know What to Splurge On

Classic, seasonless items of clothing are a safe bet at any time of year. Black Friday is the best time to buy them, especially if you can also earn cashback.

Pick up a woollen winter coat in a neutral tone, or stock up on white button-down shirts and plain t-shirts you can wear with everything. Take this opportunity to invest in high-quality fabrics, like leather and cashmere, which might be off-puttingly expensive on other days of the year.

Be sure to visit Boden, a higher-end retailer with a dedicated cashmere section. Their luxurious knits are made to last, so you’ll still be wearing them on the next few Black Fridays in a row.

Check out more info and cashback from fashion retailers.