It doesn’t matter where you are, whether at home or out roaming, you can find information and entertainment easily and instantly with mobile and home broadband technology. Want to know where’s the best Thai restaurant around here? Google it using your smartphone and data provider. Want to see that new oscar winning movie? Chances are you can buy it straight from your TV using a streaming service.

This technology has become so essential to our day-to-day life it’s difficult to imagine living without it. And with Black Friday fast approaching, you can get

Who to Look Out for This Year

We’ve had a look at some of the biggest deals last year when it came to mobiles and broadbands to determine which brands may be the main players in 2018’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Carphone Warehouse were popular with many phone shoppers last Black Friday. They offered  the then new and swanky Samsung S8 with 500 MB of data for £29.00 a month with zero upfront cost. On any other date you would have had to pay a extra £200 before you got the phone. A similar deal could be out for 2018’s brand new Samsung S9 (fingers crossed!)

When it came to home broadband, BT were one of the big names giving out some freebies with their packages. If you bought any of their packages you would get BT Sport for no extra charge — even if you didn’t have a BT TV. They were also given out rewards cards, which are basically credit cards with a certain amount of funds on them that you can spend on anything from groceries to clothing. You’d get £50 with standard BT broadband, £100 with BT infinity and £125 with BT Infinity 2. That’s basically free money for your Christmas budget.


Find the Right Mobile Fit

What’s your mobile style? Some of us like all-inclusive contracts for the very latest phone – it makes an expensive device affordable by spreading the cost. Some prefer to buy the handset outright and SIM-free. Some only want a better contract SIM, because they’re attached to their old device or want to save as much as possible.

Think carefully about what’s best for your needs and whether it’s time to try a different approach. The best deals on new contracts are often advertised even earlier in November, giving you a bit more time to weigh up your options.

The most important factor when it comes to mobile phone deals is currently the amount of data you get. Traditional minutes and texts have been replaced by facetiming and online streaming. Think about how much data you are going to use. If you are constantly browsing the web and streaming films and music, then you might want to opt for a pricier 4GB or an 8GB contract. If you only use your data to send WhatsApp messages and Google the odd query, then you could probably get away with a cheaper option, such as 1GB or a 2GB.

That’s not all to think about. Are you a big traveller? It could be wise for you to go for a contract that allows data roaming, so you can enjoy the no extra charge when using your internet in different countries. You may not think you need it, until you’re the in middle of nowhere in a foreign country without Google Maps. Black Friday is the perfect time to get these extra features on the cheap. And through Quidco you can earn money back while you spend, making it even more worthwhile. Nice!

Look Out for Freebie Bundle Deals

In recent years, more retailers have started offering free extras as part of their Black Friday deals. In 2017 we saw a lot of gaming consoles like the PS4 given away with mobile phones or TVs, for example. You can also find phone or TV contracts which include free subscriptions to streaming services like Spotify or Netflix. These are eye-catching offers designed to entice, and sometimes they’re the right choice. If you already had a PS4 on your Christmas list then it can feel like a match made in heaven.

Before you commit, read the Terms & Conditions carefully. If you’re choosing a free subscription, how long will it last? How much would you have to pay afterwards? Are you sure you’re really going to use that service? Also, be aware that you might find a TV, broadband, or mobile contract much cheaper elsewhere if you buy it as a standalone.

Use your time wisely on Black Friday by visiting a provider like Three, which offers a good mix of freebie bundles and super cheap standalone services. As a Quidco member, you can also earn cashback on a whole range of deals from Three.


Assess Your Need for Speed

When it comes to broadband, faster is often better — but not always. You might be tempted by the fastest fibre connection, but if it goes well beyond your daily needs then what’s the point of paying for it? Fibre broadband is a great choice for families, gamers and heavy streamers with smart TVs.

If your internet needs don’t go beyond one or two people using Facebook, standard ADSL might be the better option. Most likely, it will be much cheaper. However, if you’re finding that your current internet speeds don’t cut it, Black Friday is the perfect chance for an upgrade – especially when you could be earning cashback at the same time.

Do a little research to find out what speed works best for you, then shop around to find the best deal. Don’t panic if you have a long list of providers you want to compare. The competition between broadband providers is extremely stiff. Many are starting their Black Friday sales early so they can win more customers over the long run. Start browsing Quidco now to take your pick of providers, then sign up to their newsletters to get advance warning of deals. That way, you’ll have enough time to make the right choice.

Pick the Perfect Package

Many of the best entertainment offers come packaged together. Black Friday is crowded with deals that offer sharp discounts on TV and broadband when you buy both at once. A package deal is a great way to streamline your home entertainment: you pay one bill at once for a variety of services, while setup and installation can all be taken care of at the same time.

On Black Friday, market leaders like Sky offer deals which cut down set up costs or get rid of them completely. You could also get extra channel bundles, like Sky Cinema or Sky Kids, for half the usual monthly rate. Because you can mix and match the various add-ons alongside the broadband speed of your choice, it’s possible to build a unique package that’s exactly customised to your needs and budget. When you factor in cashback you could earn, the savings become too good to resist.